Amazon CloudWatch

Observe and monitor resources and applications on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds

10 custom metrics and alarms free

with the AWS Free Tier

Collect, access, and analyze your resource and application data using powerful visualization tools.

Improve operational performance using alarms and automated actions set to activate at predetermined thresholds.

Seamlessly integrate with more than 70 AWS services for simplified monitoring and scalability.

Troubleshoot operational problems with actionable insights derived from logs and metrics in your CloudWatch dashboards.

How it works

Amazon CloudWatch collects and visualizes real-time logs, metrics, and event data in automated dashboards to streamline your infrastructure and application maintenance.

Diagram of how Amazon CloudWatch helps users collect, monitor, and understand their use of AWS resources.

Use cases

Monitor application performance

Visualize performance data, create alarms, and correlate data to understand and resolve the root cause of performance issues in your AWS resources.

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Perform root cause analysis

Analyze metrics, logs, logs analytics, and user requests to speed up debugging and reduce overall mean time to resolution.

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Optimize resources proactively

Automate resource planning and lower costs by setting actions to occur when thresholds are met based on your specifications or machine learning models.

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Test website impacts

Find out exactly when your website is impacted and for how long by viewing screenshots, logs, and web requests at any point in time.

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How to get started

Explore CloudWatch

Learn how observability will help you answer a wide range of operational questions.

Learn with hands-on training

Gain a clear understanding of logging, metrics, container monitoring, and tracing techniques.

Dive deeper into cloud operations

See how observability can benefit your operations.

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