Your organization has access to more data than ever – but how do you turn that into business value? Available data sources span on-premises, SaaS applications, partners, 3rd party data providers, public data sets, and more. With a Data Lake, you can store data from all of your sources for use by descriptive, predictive and real-time analytics, accelerating your time to value. 47Lining can take you through a proof-of-concept (POC) to demonstrate the value of a Data Lake on AWS, help you establish your Enterprise Data Lake as a fully managed service, or can help you build and launch a Data Lake that you manage within your existing AWS environment.

  • Lower TCO with more flexibility to respond to business needs than with traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse approaches
  • Unleash the unique combination of descriptive, predictive and real-time analytics capabilities that maximizes business value from your data
  • Increase the value of analytics by easily including diverse structured and unstructured public, procured, partner, social and enterprise data
  • Reduce risk and speed time-to-value by working with 47Lining’s proven process and best-practice patterns
  • Focus your team on creating differentiated business value from data, rather than low-level infrastructure & service concerns

47Lining was chosen by Howard Hughes Corporation to develop a Managed Enterprise Data Lake based on Amazon S3 to fuse on-premises and 3rd party data in order to enable them to answer their most interesting business questions. Read our eBook to learn more about how 47Lining helped Howard Hughes and how they can help your organization rapidly uncover new business insights:

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