• User guide

    Describes Amazon Macie’s key concepts and provides instructions for using the Macie console.

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  • API Reference

    Describes the supported API operations for Macie in detail.

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  • CLI reference

    Describes the AWS CLI commands for Macie. Also provides syntax, options, and usage examples for each command.

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Automate data discovery with Amazon Macie (44:13)
Amazon Macie introduces automated data discovery (18:07)
Amazon Macie for data protection and governance (52:08)
Best Practices for Data Discovery (21:58)
Introducing Amazon Macie (48:03)
Protect your Data in S3 (36:50)

Overview videos

Amazon Macie Automated Data Discovery Overview (5:07)
Amazon Macie One-Click Temporary Retrieval (5:02)
How Amazon Macie Uses Keywords to Discover Sensitive Data (6:39)
Demonstrating Amazon Macie (14:13)

Blog posts and articles

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