Amazon Macie Pricing

With Amazon Macie, you are charged based on the amount of content classified, and the amount of AWS CloudTrail events assessed by Amazon Macie for anomalies. This includes both Management API activity and Amazon S3 object-level API activity. Additional monthly fees will be incurred if you choose the optional Extended Data Retention feature.

Content Classification

CloudTrail Event Processing

Extended Data Retention

Pricing Example

In this pricing example, you enable 15 Amazon S3 buckets containing a total of 100 GB of data. After the initial classification, 6GB of new data is added to the S3 buckets every month for a total of 18GB of new data for a total amount of 118GB of classified data.

You generate 1,000,000 CloudTrail Management events and 1,100,000 CloudTrail S3 object-level API events per month for a total of 2,100,000 events per month. You also choose to extend the metadata retention for 90 days. Your charges are calculated as follows:

Charges Description
First Month
Second Month
Third Month
1st Month
2nd Month
3rd Month
Classified S3 Content 106 GB 6 GB 6 GB
Charge for Classifying S3 Content 1 x $0/First GB = $0
105 x $5/GB = $525
1 x $0/First GB = $0
5 x $5/GB = $25
1 x $0/First GB = $0
5 x $5/GB = $25
Processed CloudTrail Events 2.1 Million Events 2.1 Million Events 2.1 Million Events
Charge for Processing CloudTrail Events 100k x $0/First 100k Events = $0
2M x $4/1M Events = $8
100k x $0/First 100k Events = $0
2M x $4/1M Events = $8
100k x $0/First 100k Events = $0
2M x $4/1M Events = $8
Extended Data Retention 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days
Charge for Extended Data Retention Free 106 x $0.05/GB = $5.30 (106 + 6) x $0.05/GB = $5.60
Total Charges $525 + $8 = $533 $25 + $8 + $5.30 = $38.30 $25 + $8 + $5.60 = $38.60

AWS CloudTrail charges apply based on your usage, since Amazon Macie requires enabling both CloudTrail management events, and data events for S3 object-level API activity for protected S3 buckets. For AWS CloudTrail costs, please visit the CloudTrail pricing page.

Amazon Macie requires access to your content. You are charged standard Amazon S3 rates for GET and LIST requests. For Amazon S3 costs, please visit the S3 pricing page.