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Innovyze, an Autodesk Company, Reduces Development Time by 60% Using AWS Managed Services and AWS IoT

Learn how Innovyze, an Autodesk company, reduced development time from years to months and deployment time from months to days using AWS.


reduction in development time


customer implementation time of operational analytics solutions from months to days


scalability to match customer needs


provided out of the box


customer disruptions while connecting legacy infrastructure to the cloud


Autodesk provides critical design, make, and operate software solutions across the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. In March 2021 Autodesk acquired Innovyze, an industry-leading software company serving the water industry for over 35 years. The company’s legacy on-premises solution for water operational analytics took months for customers to deploy. Innovyze needed a cost-efficient approach to bridge existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud with minimal operational disruptions for customers.
To meet customer demand for cloud-based services, Innovyze built its Info360 services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and developed three cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) products on top of it. These products, Info360 Asset, Info360 Insight, and Info360 Plant, provide asset management and operational analytics for telemetry data from systems and sensors at water utility companies so that they can better understand the health of water management systems and water/wastewater treatment plants. Innovyze built Info360 entirely on AWS, shifting data from on premises to a SaaS solution, which improved time to market, reduced deployment time, and increased scalability to cover virtually any number of water sensors and manage virtually any number of inspections and conditions data.
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Opportunity | Using AWS to Develop IoT Solutions for Autodesk 

For Innovyze’s legacy on-premises solution for operational analytics of water networks, each new customer needed to go through a major install and implementation process to use its application. This process involved customers racking and stacking servers, installing various databases, and installing software before implementing a solution. To improve operational efficiencies and customer experience, Innovyze decided to build cloud-based solutions.

Starting in May 2020, Innovyze developed Info360 Insight on AWS because of the broad capabilities in building, deploying, and managing infrastructure offered by AWS. Innovyze’s Info360 Insight customers have existing sensors deployed on their infrastructure so that the company can collect water-sensor data. This data then flows from the sensors into supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, which are traditionally installed on premises and usually lock data within the customer’s infrastructure. Innovyze built Info360 Insight’s telemetry ingestion services on top of AWS IoT Greengrass, an open-source edge runtime and cloud service for building, deploying, and managing Internet of Things (IoT) device software. This architecture helped Innovyze achieve its goal of capturing and processing data locally, closer to edge devices like sensors, without disrupting the primary infrastructure of customers. “As the water utility industry progresses, there is more demand for SaaS solutions that don’t require heavy or prolonged implementations while making sure that data is secured through AWS IoT solutions,” says Boaz Brudner, head of SaaS engineering, artificial intelligence, and architecture at Innovyze. With the data ingestion services built on AWS for Info360 Insight, Innovyze quickly developed and released Info360 Plant in September 2022 for both utility and industrial water/wastewater treatment plant operators.

Using AWS IoT Greengrass, we provide a secure and scalable mechanism to unlock data from our customers’ on-premises environments to give them great visibility into their operations and data in the cloud.”

Boaz Brudner
Head of SaaS engineering, AI, and architecture, Innovyze

Solution | Reducing Deployment Times from Months to Days Using AWS Services  

Innovyze’s customers install the Info360 data ingestion solution next to their SCADA software. With the ingestion solution in place, Innovyze can pull telemetry data securely from the SCADA systems into Info360 Insight or Info360 Plant running in the AWS Cloud through Amazon Kinesis, used to collect, process, and analyze video and data streams in near real time. Innovyze stores large bulks of data in the cloud using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere. Innovyze uses AWS IoT Core, which can be used to easily and securely connect devices to the cloud, without its customers having to manage any infrastructure and to securely communicate with and remotely control devices running AWS IoT Greengrass.

Innovyze uses serverless services from AWS to run its solutions. The majority of the company’s compute layer of business logic for the solution runs on AWS Lambda, a serverless, event-driven compute service that businesses use to run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. The company uses Amazon EventBridge, a serverless event bus that makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale, to run its event-driven architecture. “The serverless services that we use don’t require us to deal with any scaling or scale planning; they run to the scale that we need and allow our development teams to develop independently using an event-driven architecture,” says Brudner.

Innovyze reduced its time to market by more than 60 percent by accelerating development time from 2–3 years to less than 12 months. The company also improved deployment implementation time for customers. “In the past, development time was measured in years and implementation time for the legacy operational analytics product took months,” says Brudner. “Now, development time is measured in months and implementation is measured in hours.” Another benefit is the use of built-in security models provided by AWS. “Using AWS IoT Greengrass, we provide a secure and scalable mechanism to unlock data from our customers’ on-premises environments to give them great visibility into their operations and data in the cloud,” says Brudner.

With Info360 Insight and Info360 Plant, utility customers have a place where they can see telemetry data from all their systems and sensors. They can run calculations on top of that data to produce water metrics and evaluate the health of water infrastructure. Customers can simulate and understand how water systems behave and identify and isolate leaks. With its cloud-based solutions, Innovyze provides all these capabilities out of the box. This service helps customers collaborate and manage projects across new verticals within water utilities and water/wastewater treatment plants. “Our products contribute to customer sustainability,” says Brudner. “Info360 Insight helps them minimize water loss and provides better visibility into water incidents.”

Outcome | Focusing on the Future Using AWS

Building on AWS helped Innovyze remove the undifferentiated heavy lifting of IT infrastructure management and focus on creating better products for customers. The company found AWS to be flexible, and the process of onboarding the IoT solution was straightforward. It plans to continue introducing more features and capabilities to Info360 products using AWS. “Working alongside AWS has been great because there is a breadth of new capabilities introduced frequently that improve the velocity of development as we’re building,” says Brudner. “With what we’ve been doing since 2020, we’ve seen significant improvements in our capabilities and services.”

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