Designed to improve developer productivity, Amazon CodeWhisperer provides machine learning (ML)–powered code recommendations to accelerate development of C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript applications. The service integrates with multiple integrated development environments (IDEs), including JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, and Rider), Visual Studio Code, AWS Cloud9, and the AWS Lambda console, and helps developers write code faster by generating entire functions and logical blocks of code—often consisting of more than 10–15 lines of code.

First-class support for AWS APIs

CodeWhisperer makes it easier for developers to use AWS services by providing code recommendations for AWS APIs across the most popular services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Lambda, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). As you write code in your IDE, CodeWhisperer automatically analyzes the comment, assembles the code using the relevant cloud services and public software libraries for the desired functionality, and then recommends code snippets and even entire functions directly in the IDE that meet best practices.

Ready-to-use code customized for you

Trained on various data sources, including and open-source code, CodeWhisperer generates code similar to how a developer would write code. The service understands comments written in natural language, generates code based on the developer’s intent, and matches the developer’s patterns and style. As you type, CodeWhisperer even provides recommendations to complete the comment itself. You can accept the top recommendation, view more recommendations, or continue writing your own code.

Built-in security scans

To help developers build applications responsibly, CodeWhisperer provides security scans to detect vulnerabilities in Java, JavaScript, and Python projects. When enabled, the service analyzes existing code in the IDE (generated by CodeWhisperer and written by the developer), identifies hard-to-find bugs with high accuracy, and provides intelligent suggestions on how to remediate them.

Code reference tracker

The provided reference tracker detects whether a code recommendation might be similar to particular CodeWhisperer training data and can provide you with those references. You can then more easily find and review that reference code and how it is used in the context of another project.

Responsible use of AI/ML

Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML technologies is key to fostering continued innovation. CodeWhisperer helps developers avoid bias by filtering out code recommendations that might be considered biased and unfair.

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