Amazon CodeWhisperer Resources

Getting started

Start working with Amazon CodeWhisperer Individual in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Download

For your editor

Install the CodeWhisperer extension for your editor

Note: CodeWhisperer comes built in with AWS Cloud9 and the AWS Lambda console.

For your command line

Install the CodeWhisperer extension for your command line

  • macOS 11+
    Supported shells: bash, zsh, fish
    Supported terminals: iTerm2, macOS Terminal, Hyper, Alacritty, Kitty, VS Code embedded terminal, and JetBrains embedded terminal


Step 2: Authenticate

Sign in with Builder ID for Individual users and IAM Identity Center for Professional users.

Step 3: Start building

Open your editor, and CodeWhisperer should just work! 

For help on getting started, visit our User Guide.

Get started with VS Code

Get started with JetBrains IntelliJ

Take a tour of CodeWhisperer


Below you will find links to documentation to learn more about CodeWhisperer.

CodeWhisperer User Guide

Enabling CodeWhisperer for your organization by setting up single sign-on (SSO)

Setting up CodeWhisperer for VS Code and JetBrains

Setting up CodeWhisperer for JupyterLab

Working with CodeWhisperer for SageMaker Studio

Setting up CodeWhisperer with AWS Cloud9

Working with CodeWhisperer in the Lambda console

Workshops and tutorials

Below you will find a workshop and step-by-step tutorials on getting started with CodeWhisperer.

CodeWhisperer workshop

Build a Python event–driven serverless app with CodeWhisperer

Build a Java event–driven serverless app with CodeWhisperer

Deep dive: Introducing CodeWhisperer


Below you will find available AWS News Blogs. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer, free for individual use, is now generally available


Introducing Amazon CodeWhisperer, the ML-powered coding companion


Introducing Amazon CodeWhisperer in the AWS Lambda console



Below you will find prescriptive technical guidance to meet specific use cases using CodeWhisperer.

Building applications using generative AI with Amazon CodeWhisperer

How to get the most out of Amazon CodeWhisperer

Mastering the art of Amazon CodeWhisperer - YouTube playlist


Engage with our AWS Community of Developers on a range of #codewhisperer topics.

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