Amazon CodeWhisperer Testimonials

"Accenture is using Amazon CodeWhisperer to accelerate coding as part of our software engineering best practices initiative in our Velocity platform. The Velocity team was looking for ways to improve developer productivity. After searching for multiple options, we came across Amazon CodeWhisperer, which reduced our development efforts by up to 30%, and we are now focusing more on improving security, quality, and performance."

Balakrishnan Viswanathan
Tech Architecture Sr. Manager, Accenture

"Amazon Ads uses CodeWhisperer every day to be more productive. Python developers within the team have found that using CodeWhisperer has made writing Java almost as
seamless as writing Python. They find it especially helpful for two use cases: writing unit tests where it cuts the time it takes in about half, and when dealing with esoteric CDK issues where it saves them from having to look up extensive documentation. Amazon Ads is able to code 25%–35% faster with CodeWhisperer."

Aneesh Shukla
Software Development Engineer, Amazon Ads

"Distractions are a constant challenge while coding, especially when it’s necessary to switch context to look up code samples and documentation on the web. Amazon CodeWhisperer keeps me focused on the code by automatically offering helpful suggestions right when I need them, so I never have to leave my editor."

Ryan Grove
Staff Software Engineer, SmugMug

"I used CodeWhisperer in Python—a language I am a novice in. In minutes, I had a program that could connect to my AWS account and list S3 buckets with a slew of info, like name, creation date, and Region. I believe this tool will make developers more productive and rekindle their joy for programming in a new world."

Sam Gentsch
Principal Data Engineer, Georgia Pacific (Koch Industries)

"Availability of the plugin for our tools will help developers stay focused in their IDE and reduce the need to search and customize code snippets from the web. As of today, users of IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and WebStorm can start working with Amazon CodeWhisperer right in their IDE, with more IDEs to be supported in the near future."

Max Shafirov
CEO, JetBrains

Partner testimonials

“With CodeWhisperer, we successfully mapped out relevant use cases and accelerated the roadmap for adoption. In some of our projects, we are already seeing developer productivity increase between 20%–40% for cloud-native application development, and approximately 20% increase in delivery velocity. CodeWhisperer has helped us increase productivity among the development teams, improve overall code quality, and incorporate security early in the project lifecycle."

Michael Liebow
Head of Eviden cloud business, Atos Group

"TCS leveraged CodeWhisperer on our Financial Spreading solution that caters to the needs of credit risk officers across the BFS domain. We saw immediate productivity gains of up to 20% per user on average across Python and NoSQL, and an overall 25% increased speed to deployment. We see tremendous potential for CodeWhisperer to accelerate the application modernization initiatives of our BFSI clients as part of their cloud transformation journeys."

Pallavi Rao
Global Delivery Head - BFSI, AWS Business Unit, TCS

“With the surge in AI innovation, our customers are looking at ways to leverage AI to transform their businesses. Amazon CodeWhisperer represents a concrete and immediate opportunity to boost developer productivity, code quality, and accelerate workload production. Using Amazon CodeWhisperer, our developers are able to complete projects 25% faster and it has helped them stay in the flow during repetitive tasks."

Jonathan LaCour
CTO, Mission Cloud

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