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Helping you manage, deploy, secure, and monitor your container workloads on AWS

AWS Container Competency Partners help our customers better run their container workloads on AWS. These solutions extend our AWS container services by providing additional security, monitoring, and management capabilities.

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AWS Container Competency Categories


Foundational container solutions provide a uniform and consistent method of managing container life-cycle for multiple containers including scheduling, running, auto-scaling, networking, and service discovery. This category is targeting solutions that leverage vendor-specific container orchestrators including customized distributions of open-source orchestrators.

Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring and logging solutions collect metrics, analytics, and debugging information from their containerized workloads and also provide visualization of real-time events and alerting capabilities.


Security solutions enable customers to run compliance based and protect their environment, and provide network monitoring and management, CVE and vulnerability scanning, and alerting capabilities.

Enterprise Container Management
Enterprise container management solutions provision and manage containerized workloads and container infrastructure including Kubernetes clusters leveraging managed (e.g., EKS) or open-source Kubernetes distributions, ECS clusters or other third-party container orchestrators. These solutions also manage AWS resources and surrounding constructs such as VPC networking, load balancing, logging and monitoring at scale across multiple locations and regions with proper security, compliance, developer, and operational controls.

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