The information below shows the cost per minute per meeting participant when joining meetings using the call me at a phone number option. All calls originate in the United States. The rates displayed reflect only the charges from Amazon Chime; local toll charges may apply.

Country  Call me rate per minute (USD)
Argentina $0.430710
Australia $0.047680
Brazil $0.117675
Canada $0.007200
Colombia $0.068600
Cyprus $0.220075
Czech Republic $0.143360
Denmark $0.028180
Dominican Republic $0.276660
Finland $0.054680
France $0.069200
Germany $0.038920
Greece $0.256690
Hong Kong $0.130830
Hungary $0.092000
Ireland $0.037340
Israel $0.051060
Italy $0.084200
Japan $0.064800
Latvia $0.183400
Lithuania $0.655000
Luxembourg $0.067460
Malta $0.070450
Mexico $0.016250
Netherlands $0.127260
New Zealand $0.101860
Norway $0.028300
Panama $0.427740
Peru $0.278125
Poland $0.118980
Portugal $0.089480
Puerto Rico $0.006000
Romania $0.088175
South Africa $0.027325
Spain $0.071220
Sweden $0.060020
Switzerland $0.192600
Turkey $0.433175
United Kingdom $0.019000
United States $0.004800

*Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties.

You can also access Amazon Chime call me rates via the AWS Price List API. Learn more by visiting Using the AWS Price List API.

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