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Monitor your applications for easy migration to the cloud without delays or incidents

Datadog Application Monitoring is a solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS

Datadog offers a variety of application monitoring capabilities that help customers quickly search, filter, and analyze logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of data, thus optimizing application, platform, and service performance. With more than 350 vendor-supported integrations (including 75+ AWS service integrations), Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full DevOps stack. Datadog provides end-to-end visibility into on-premises and cloud environments on the same platform. The Datadog platform allows engineering teams to analyze application performance problems, whether they affect a single host or a massive cluster. The solution also allows customers to communicate SLA/SLO adherence and KPIs among engineering teams, executives, and external stakeholders.

Datadog is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved the AWS Migration, Microsoft Workloads, DevOps, and Containers Competencies.
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Reduce time in monitoring infrastructure

All alerts and dashboards report on the service level and will automatically reflect the changes in hosts or containers that have been introduced or removed from a service.

Overall visibility of apps during migration

With Datadog’s data visualization and analytics capabilities, the performance of an application, infrastructure, and supporting tools can be simultaneously observed.

Reduce time in log data analysis

Configure within minutes to ingest performance metrics, logs, and discrete events from all infrastructure in the legacy environment and the new cloud platform.

Solution highlights

Datadog allows enterprises to reduce risk during the modernization of infrastructure and applications. Datadog allows an organization to immediately pull metrics from AWS tools and services in Datadog. The integration also provides OOTB dashboards with common metrics visualized for AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and Amazon DynamoDB. As these metrics flow into Datadog, customers can leverage Datadog’s machine learning based alerting capabilities and create impactful dashboards in the platform. Datadog provides the following features:

  • Immediately pull metrics from AWS tools: Datadog’s 350+ OOTB integrations include 75+ AWS integrations which pull metrics from Amazon CloudWatch to allow an organization to analyze the data within Datadog. 
  • Hybrid cloud support: Organizations can use Datadog’s AWS integrations for quick value and visibility, or they can install the Datadog agent to get more granular metrics from their AWS environment.
  • Visibility while migrating: Gaining visibility into the same applications running on-premises and on AWS with granularity enables customers to migrate to AWS with confidence.
DataDog Solution Diagram Workflow

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