Lift-and-Shift Application Workloads


Neiman Marcus leverages fully managed FSx Windows to accelerate enterprise lift-and-shift and improve performance.

Challenge: Neiman Marcus was experiencing slow performance with their business-critical file-based document processing application and needed a quick cloud migration solution.

Solution: Moved their legacy Windows business application and associated file shares to AWS - with help from APN partner BizCloud Experts - from on-premises to Amazon FSx, the company was able to quickly take advantage of the automation and scalability of the cloud, as well as resolve their latency performance challenges.

"We were able move our Windows file-based application to AWS quickly and solved a critical performance issue. Based on our successful lift-and-shift experience, we’re looking to move more of our legacy applications requiring Windows native compatibility, to Amazon FSx.”

Hemanth Jayaraman, Director, Cloud Center of Excellence - Neiman Marcus Group

DocXellent Case Study

DocXellent reduces complexity with their application migration and achieves a highly available and scalable Windows-based file share within hours.

Challenge: DocXellent, a leading provider of electronic document control software and quality software applications, needed a more scalable and durable offering for their on-premises file-based application to increase availability and reduce operational overhead.

Solution: With Amazon FSx for Windows, DocXellent was able to implement a highly-available file storage system in less than a day, enabling its customers to store and retrieve files wherever and whenever they are needed while reducing the complexity of installing and managing their own file share. Since using FSx, DocXellent increased its cloud offerings up to 30% in a few months.

"FSx for Windows File Server is an integral part of our highly-available offering for our enterprise-level, global customers and has helped us overcome our performance challenges. We find that AWS is the best partner to help us continously optimize our offerings as soon as new services become available and enables us to increase customer satisfaction."

John Waller, Senior Engineer - DocXellent

         Full Case Study: DocXellent easily migrates their file storage with Eagle Dream

Qube Research & Technologies Case Study

Qube Research and Technologies simplifies file storage management, improves productivity, and lowers costs with FSx Windows.

Challenge: Qube Research & Technologies (QRT) was limited by on-premises NAS arrays in terms of performance and experienced high operational overhead.

Solution: The company processes financial trading and research data, taking advantage of Amazon FSx for Windows’ integration with AWS Direct Connect and EC2 to run highly available and durable Windows file systems.

"We can scale our Windows file systems, improve productivity, and lower costs by running FSx for Windows on AWS. We were able to provision a single file share and scale faster compared to our on-premises file system, which required more significantly more resources and slowed performance overall."

Jon Fautley, Systems & Cloud Engineer  - Qube Research & Technologies

Matrix Pointe logo

Matrix Pointe improves agility and reduces maintenance time by 15-20% with FSx Windows.

"Matrix Pointe improves efficiency for our customers in the justice community, accelerating the legal process. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server reduced maintenance time by as much as 20%, while increasing speed of recovery from a disaster by 10X, allowing us to focus on innovating for clients, not wasting our time reinventing the wheel for file services, backup and recovery."

Paul Davis, Manager, Technical Services - Matrix Pointe Software

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