Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Wipro is a global IT consulting and system integration services firm that develops and implements solutions for enterprises across the globe. Wipro partners with more than 900 of the Fortune 1000 enterprises, and its 160,000-plus employees work in 67 countries. The organization operates more than 55 Centers of Excellence for emerging technologies, through which it takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver business capabilities to customers in financial services, manufacturing, technology, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, and media. For the past two years, Wipro has been a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). The company is an AWS Managed Service Provider, and an AWS Life Sciences Competency Partner.


In the mid-2000s, an increasing number of Wipro customers started looking at new, more cost-effective approaches to consuming IT services. The cloud quickly emerged as one of those approaches. “Our customers wanted to move away from up-front capital expenses, and that really drove the trend toward IT as a service,” says Dr. Manish Govil, Global Cloud Alliances Head, Wipro. “Also, our customers wanted to bring services to market faster, and the agility and flexibility of the cloud enable that. We sensed that trend early on.”

Because its customers continued to express interest in the cloud as a business enabler, Wipro knew it needed to create a new strategy based on the development of software as a service (SaaS) solutions. “We had to develop a completely different business model to meet the demand for cloud offerings,” Govil says.

As Wipro started its cloud journey, it considered working with a range of cloud service providers. Ultimately, it chose to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS). “AWS was way ahead of everyone else at that time,” says Govil. “Of course, more players have entered the field since then. But AWS is still the leader – it continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.”

Once it decided to work with AWS, Wipro slowly began to develop new cloud services. “We initially incubated our cloud business as a separate entity from our core business, just to give it room to grow,” Govil says. “Eventually, we embedded the cloud into all our go-to-market solutions, so they are all cloud-based, on-demand, and enabled by AWS.” Now, Wipro provides customer-focused solutions based on AWS on-demand compute resources using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for storage services. In addition to helping customers meet their computation and storage needs with Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, Wipro offers big data analytics capabilities through Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR), a web service using the Hadoop open-source framework to process data, and Amazon Redshift, a petabyte-scale data warehouse.

Specific AWS-based Wipro solutions include:

  • ServiceNXTTM Cloud Operations Center. A hybrid cloud service for provisioning, configuring, monitoring, and managing applications and infrastructure.
  • Digital Services Hub. A portal that provides access to on-premises and public cloud services from multiple vendors, with simplified governance and orchestration.
  • Managed Big Data Platform. A service based on Amazon EMR and Redshift that enables big data insights.
  • Continuous Delivery Platform for DevOps. A platform through which customers can orchestrate the on-demand provisioning of development, test, and production environments for DevOps.
  • SAP on Cloud. A solution that helps customers accelerate the migration of their SAP workloads onto AWS.

Additionally, Wipro developed an AWS-based telecommunications portal that customers can use to support all back-office applications required to set up telecommunications operations in new regions.


As an APN Partner, Wipro has been able to transform its business model. “By working as an APN Partner, we can be an innovation partner to our customers. We can now offer services we weren’t able to offer before,” says Govil. “We can structure our offerings as a service as a result of working in the cloud. We don’t have to manage our own data center infrastructure, so we have the flexibility and agility to release our services and solutions to market faster.”

Wipro is also helping its customers reduce costs. “In the past, if one of our customers wanted a solution, they would need to procure software and hardware, which we would help them with,” Govil says. “But because AWS is subscription-based and requires no initial investment, customers can consume IT services and pay as they go.” For example, a publishing and information provider used the Wipro Continuous Delivery Platform for DevOps to reduce project and development costs by 65 percent. Additionally, a U.S.-based education solutions provider reduced its development costs by 30 percent by using a Wipro hybrid cloud solution with on-demand capacity scaling for more than two million users.

Wipro can also help its customers rapidly implement new services. The organization worked with a leading Australian banking and insurance firm, for instance, to quickly migrate more than 2,000 business applications to the AWS cloud. Wipro also helped a digital marketing company build a cloud-based managed big data platform with a 40 percent reduction in development effort, and it quickly built an AWS-based Center of Excellence for a leading European oil and gas company.

Being a Premier APN Consulting Partner also gives Wipro a competitive advantage. “We are in a people-driven business, and to attract and retain the best talent we need to offer a challenging work environment and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies,” says Govil. “We can provide that by working with AWS, so that differentiates us from the competition.”

Wipro also benefits from collaborating with AWS employees at all levels. “AWS is a very partner-friendly organization and very easy to work with,” Govil says. “From AWS leadership down to sales and product teams, the company is obsessed with serving their customers, and we are too. That makes this a great fit.”



Wipro is expecting to develop additional AWS-based solutions as its relationship with AWS continues to grow. “As AWS services have evolved, so have the offerings we provide around those services,” says Govil. “We started by offering basic compute and storage using Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, and that has since extended to database, networking, security, analytics, and mobile device testing services.”

Wipro will also grow its business by working with the APN. “We definitely want to scale our business more,” Govil says. “We are working on expanding the breadth of our offerings to make all our service lines cloud-enabled. We want to serve more customers throughout the world and bring them new cloud offerings, and we are confident we can do that as an APN Partner.”

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