Running Containers at Lower Cost

Save up to 90% off on stateless and fault-tolerant workloads


Stretch your dollars significantly for containerized workloads such as web services, dev/test, and CI/CD, with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. Spot Instances offer unused compute capacity available in the AWS Cloud at up to 90% off over On-Demand prices. Spot Instances can be reclaimed by EC2 with two minutes of notification when EC2 needs the capacity back.

Containers are stateless, fault-tolerant and a great fit for Spot Instances. Spot Instances can be used with Elastic Container Service (ECS) or Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) to run any containerized workload, from distributed parallel test systems to applications that map millions of miles a day. Efficiently deploy containerized workloads and easily manage clusters at any scale at a fraction of the cost with Spot Instances.

Overview: Kubernetes with Spot Instances

Benefits of using Spot Instances to run containers



Significant price savings of up to 90% over On-Demand EC2 Instances. Simply mix Spot Instances with On-Demand and/or Reserved Instances or run on 100% Spot Instances to optimize cost and performance.



Easily run multiple projects simultaneously and speed up job flows to generate business results faster and innovate faster without breaking the bank. Run and scale to large numbers of parallel tasks via EC2 Auto Scaling.  



Flexibility of ad-hoc provisioning for multiple instance types in different Availability Zones, with an option to hibernate, stop or terminate instances when EC2 needs the capacity back and Spot Instances are reclaimed.  



Easily launch a Spot Instance via an API call, EC2 Fleet and the AWS Management Console. EC2 Spot is also integrated with other AWS services such as ECS, EKS, EC2 Auto Scaling groups and CloudFormation.  

Resources & Content

Before you start using Spot Instances become familiar with best practices about how to launch and manage Spot Instances. Learn more.

Kuberenetes on Spot Instances tutorial

Learn how to launch Kuberenetes clusters with EKS and autoscale Spot Instance worker nodes by using Kubernetes Cluster-Autoscaler. Learn more.

Improve Kuberentes cluster costs and resilience 

Read this blog to learn how you can lower the cost of Kuberenetes workloads and decrease the possibility of Spot interruptions by using the capacity-optimized Spot allocation model in EC2 Auto Scaling.

TensorFlow serving on Kubernetes with Spot Instances

TensorFlow (TF) Serving is a part of the TF framework and is used for deploying ML models in production environments. TF Serving can be containerized using Docker and deployed in a cluster with Kubernetes. Read this blog to learn how to use Kubernetes via Amazon EKS and Spot Instances to build a scalable, resilient, and cost optimized machine learning inference service.

Seamlessly handle Spot interruptions

Watch this webinar to learn how you can scale your Kubernetes workloads with Spot, and automate Spot interruptions by using the AWS termination handler.

Delivery Hero saves 70% running Kubernetes on Spot


Learn how meal delivery service Delivery Hero used Spot Instances with Amazon EKS to save costs and free up resources, allowing them spend more time developing their applications. Learn more.

Skyscanner runs containers globally on Spot for 70% savings

Learn how Skyscanner, a global travel company, uses AWS to help serve hundreds of millions of customers every month. Skyscanner's entire online platform runs containerized workloads like Amazon ECS and Kubernetes on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

Lyft powers it's autonomous vehicle fleet with Amazon EKS and Spot Instances

Lyft Logo

Using petabytes of data gathered from its AV fleet, Lyft’s engineers run millions of simulations each year to improve the performance and safety of its self-driving system. Read this case study to learn how they reduced costs and increased performance with Spot Instances and Amazon EKS. Learn more.

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Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances offer spare compute capacity in the AWS cloud available to you at steep discounts compared to On-Demand prices.


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