How it works

Amazon ElastiCache is a serverless, Redis- and Memcached-compatible caching service delivering real-time, cost-optimized performance for modern applications. ElastiCache scales to hundreds of millions of operations per second with microsecond response times, and offers enterprise-grade security and reliability.

The diagram shows the key features and benefits of ElastiCache. Three sections display from left to right.  The top icon in the first section is titled “Real-time workloads” and says “Accelerate application and database performance.” An arrow points to the second section. The second icon in the first section is titled “Ephemeral data store” and lists four bullet points. These bullet points are: “Session stores,” “Gaming leaderboards,” “Media streaming,” and “Analytic data stores.” An arrow points to the second section.  The second section has the ElastiCache service icon with the title “Amazon ElastiCache” and says “Caching service built to deliver real-time performance for modern applications.” Encapsulated in the box to the right is the header “Key service benefits” and six smaller boxes, each highlight a key service benefit. These benefits are: “Cost Optimization,” “Microsecond speed,” “Fully managed,” “High availability,” “Security and compliance,” and “Open source compatibility (Redis and Memcached).” An arrow points to the third section.  The third section is titled “Integrate with other AWS services” and shows four smaller boxes, each highlighting an AWS service. Starting from top to bottom, the services listed are: “Amazon CloudWatch,” “Amazon SNS,” “Amazon KMS,” “Amazon S3,” “Amazon Redshift,” “Amazon RDS,” “Amazon DynamoDB,” and “Amazon Neptune.”

Use cases

Cache your data and offload database I/O to reduce operational burden, lower costs, and improve database and application performance.

Store frequently used data in-memory for microsecond response times and high throughput to support hundreds of millions of operations per second.

Store ephemeral session data to quickly personalize gaming, e-commerce, social media, and online applications with microsecond response times.

Simplify application development with ElastiCache built-in data structures.