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Ready for meaningful change? Start by rethinking the idea of one-and-done reinventions. Explore our curated insights to learn why modern innovation isn't so much an end-state as an "always-on" state.

Innovation IS the never normal

Featured | Video | 2 min watch

According to the World Economic Forum, technologies like AI and ML are revolutionizing how we live, work and play. In this video, Sony, Samsung, and the co-author of Shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution share innovation strategies and examples of how AI and ML help these organizations stay 'human-centered'.

Making change: Innovation and reinvention

Successful reinvention doesn't just happen; it takes a pilot, a plan, and clear goals. This section covers how companies are thinking about innovation and applying it for meaningful business results.

Innovation and the art of reinvention featuring Greenway Health

C-Suite and business leaders in every sector must think about their industries' future shape and, more specifically, how their companies need to reinvent to survive and thrive in the future.

Keeping innovation hyper-focused on customers

Businesses that had success handling the upheavals of 2020-21 are those that actively allowed customers to drive their innovation efforts. Explore how innovative leaders meet end-user expectations.

Reinventing trucking logistics with AI and ML

The forward-thinking leaders at transportation start-up Transfix share how AI and ML tools are bringing greater reliability to the trucking industry.

Taking charge: Essential lessons in leadership

The fundamental idea of leadership is changing, too. This section offers content to help established and emerging leaders consider their changing roles and the value they bring to the business.

Prioritizing employee and customer happiness

In this Short Take, Kenny Chang, EVP and CMO of Korean Air, talks about the symbiotic relationship between having happy and satisfied employees, and happy and satisfied customers.

Uncovering Amazon's culture of innovation

Explore the origins of Amazon's success and how the company facilitates innovative thinking. Discover the four operational pillars that can help enable (and inspire) a "culture of innovation" in any business.

'Glocal' Supply Chain models

In this Short Take, you’ll learn how Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens, led the corporation through seismic supply chain shifts, how they moved their focus from global to "glocal", and how a partnership with AWS enabled them to adapt at scale.

Creating value: The data-driven enterprise

Now, more than ever, organizations must be able to leverage data, AI, and ML to improve agility, make better decisions, and innovate faster. This section is focused on making data a business driver.

Building the foundation for Olympic gold

Swimming Australia trains some of the world's greatest swimmers. See how the organization is using decades of data to predict future performance targets and enable peak performance in the pool.

The power of the data-driven enterprise

Discover how to become more responsive to customers and market opportunities, and more agile to rapidly changing nature of technology.

Simplifying a whale of a challenge with ML

Watch as a dedicated marine biologist experiences the transformative effects of data-driven ML modeling on her life's work of identifying sperm whales and understanding their migratory patterns.

Redefining delight: The new customer experience

Customers expect a coherent experience across varied touchpoints. This section features leaders that are innovating to differentiate their brands and capture market share while gaining customer loyalty.

Reimagining the insurance experience

Insurance leader AXA covers 100 million customers worldwide. Learn how it uses data to predict customer needs in real time to increase customer delight.

Gifting 10,000 pizzas in 70 seconds

In the quick-service restaurant industry, responsiveness is critical. See how AWS helped Pizza Hut Australia turbocharge its 50th Anniversary by giving away 10,000 pizzas in 70 seconds.

Helping CIOs care more about customers

A customer focus can help chief technology officers move their organizations forward faster. Review the five steps that can help reset CIO priorities to delight customers with differentiated experiences.

Keep learning (and innovating)

Whether you’re seeking innovation insights or looking to leverage some of the hottest applications of the cloud, the answers are here.

Leveraging executive insights

Innovate your culture, talent, and leadership.

Building-on business reinvention

Put your data to work in the AWS Cloud.

Embracing machine learning

Accelerate your team’s ML journey.