AWS in the Enterprise

Accelerate transformation to a more agile, innovative, and efficient organization with the leader in cloud computing

Most enterprise customers across industries choose AWS as their Cloud platform. Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Shell, and Comcast are some of the thousands of enterprises using AWS to create new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and reduce business risks.

Enterprises choose AWS to become more agile, innovative, and efficient. With AWS, you benefit from the fastest pace of innovation, the broadest and deepest functionality, the most secure computing environment, and the most proven operational expertise.

Leveraging our experience with more than a million active customers, AWS and our AWS Partner Network can help you build new and innovative products and services and get them into market more quickly so you can stay ahead of your changing business needs.

Unlocking Business Value with the Cloud (1:54)

Achieve your business goals


Grow new revenue streams

Quickly respond to new business insights, customer demands, and changing market conditions to grow new revenue streams. With AWS, you can rapidly test and iterate on ideas in an agile environment and then quickly scale the new business ideas that show the most promise.


Increase operational efficiency

When you move to AWS you get benefits beyond IT cost savings. With AWS, you improve workforce productivity with agile development teams, accelerate development cycles to get to market more quickly, and increase operational resilience to improve uptime.


Lower business risk

Protecting your data and maintaining customer and stakeholder trust is critical to your business. AWS gives you the most flexible and secure cloud platform, backed by a deep set of security, compliance and governance services that help you minimize risk without compromising time to market, scale and business agility.

Customers Innovating on AWS

Leading companies are innovating with AWS.  View all customer stories »

AWS and McDonalds Customer Story

In just 4 months, McDonalds created a new home delivery business on AWS that can scale to 20,000 orders per second.

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AWS and Formula One Customer Story

The Formula One Group (Formula 1) uses AWS Machine Learning to unlock performance data from each race car to give fans better insight to what’s happening on the track.

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AWS and FINRA Customer Story

Finra regulates 99% of equity trading in the United States and, in just three months, developed a solution on AWS to securely perform 500 billion validation checks daily.

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AWS and 21st Century Fox Customer Story

21st Century Fox saved 25% of their overall technology spend when they partnered with AWS to modernize the infrastructure and platforms that power their global media company.

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Gain leadership perspectives from AWS and our customers to help you in your transformation journey.

AWS is how to transform your business

Migrate and free-up resources

AWS helps you migrate with the most robust set of tools and services to simplify and automate your migration and, the most proven migration methodologies, support services and experienced people to help you on every step of your migration journey. Running your applications on AWS frees up valuable IT resources that can then focus on innovating for your business.

Adopt modern application development practices

AWS allows you to easily adopt modern application development practices that enable your organization to rapidly build, test and deploy new products and services. With the most complete platform for containers and serverless, you can easily build and operate microservices at scale. And, with a unified set of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools, AWS makes it easy to automate your development workflow so you can focus on getting to market more quickly.

Gain faster, deeper insights across your business

With the broadest and deepest set of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence services, AWS allows your organization to gain valuable insights from data across your business, enabling you to make faster decisions, improve customer experiences and reduce potential business risk.

Ensure security, compliance, and resiliency

Security at AWS is our highest priority, strengthening your compliance and security posture. With 5X more services offering encryption than any other cloud provider, AWS is the most flexible, secure and reliable cloud computing environment available today.

Organize for speed and agility

AWS provides a set of best practices that help you organize your builders into smaller, more agile and empowered teams, so you can realize the full value of developing on our cloud. By organizing around a single product or service, your development teams have full accountability from development to operations, enabling faster decision making and shorter development cycles.

Bridge skills and experience gaps

With AWS, you have access to the most proven expertise, methodologies and the best practices to help build the capabilities you need across your business so you can quickly realize maximum benefit from our cloud platform. AWS Customer Enablement Services and our expansive AWS Partner Network, provide continuous support as you transform your business.

Get started with AWS

Learn more about cloud computing and the AWS Cloud

AWS provides a secure cloud platform for virtually every use case to help your business grow and scale. Find out more about how our broad set of services and our expertise can help transform your business.

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Discover innovative solutions for your industry

Learn about the comprehensive suite of services and solutions AWS offers to meet the specific business needs of your industry.

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Modernize your technology platform

Migrating your data and applications to AWS is the first step to creating a modern technical platform. As you migrate, you begin incorporating modern application development practices to increase your agility, speed, and cost savings.

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Create a cloud adoption action plan for your business

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework provides guidance and a set of best practices to help you design an accelerated path to successful cloud adoption across your organization. 

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