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AWS Executive Insights distills some of the most valuable and actionable ideas from today’s leading cloud technology experts into ebooks and other resources to help busy cloud leaders navigate the field. The Executive Insights ebook library arms you with ideas and techniques to help you solve today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities—one of the core tenets of adaptive leadership.

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Resources for cloud technology executives

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Cloud technology is a vital force in modern business, but what you do with that technology matters most.

  • eBooks and guides for CEOs: Organize your people, technology, and other resources into an engine that drives competitive advantage. Get the new tools, ideas, and techniques you need amidst an accelerating pace of change.
  • eBooks and guides for CFOs: Get insights to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Find strategies to drive efficiency while safeguarding innovation in your cloud organization.
  • eBooks and guides for CTOs: Align your systems, boost your team, and harness the latest innovations to stay competitive with tools and insights for CTOs from AWS.

The Executive Insights library includes resources on talent identification and retention so you can cultivate the skill sets your organization needs to be a modern cloud-forward business. There are also ideas to share on workforce solutions and culture building.

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