AWS Cloud Financial Management Guide

Adapting your financial management process during a digital transformation

As businesses undergo digital transformation to keep up with the ever-quickening pace of innovation customers expect, technology and finance leaders are adapting financial management processes and rethinking the way you manage technology. This guide shares Amazon Web Services (AWS) perspectives on why digital transformation requires a shift and evolution in financial management processes, how organizations can adapt, and what AWS solutions can help you succeed and manage technology as a business.

Traditional finanical management practices applied to cloud usage creates risks, and results in a lost opportunity to optimize, control costs, and realize business value through:

  • Lack of traceability
  • Unexpected or unexplained billing
  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • Insufficient cost oversight

Download the ebook to learn how to avoid these pitfalls by actively managing cloud costs throughout the cloud journey.

Applying traditional, static waterfall planning and IT budgeting and cost assessment models to dynamic cloud usage can create risks, including inaccurate planning and less visibility. Ultimately, this results in a lost opportunity to effectively optimize and control costs and realize long-term business value."

Gartner estimates that organizations that lack a defined plan for cloud cost management may be overspending by 70% (or more), and traditional financial management practices can lead organizations astray.

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