Behalf On-Demand Purchase Financing Solution

Increase revenue and get paid the next business day when offering Behalf as a B2B payment option

Behalf On-Demand Purchase Financing is a solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS

Behalf is a digital platform that facilitates payments by offering extended payment terms and financing to businesses. Offer no-fee net terms and financing (30-180 days) to business customers in any channel you accept payments, regardless of transaction size. Behalf places its trust in AWS to securely power its proprietary underwriting algorithm to process a large number of data points and dollars in real-time. Behalf brings simplicity, reliability, efficiency, and cost reductions to businesses that offer extended payment terms and financing in real-time.

Behalf is an AWS Advanced Technology partner and has achieved the AWS Financial Services competency.
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Increase revenue and loyalty

Boost your customers’ buying power with access to net-payment terms and financing in your online checkout. Behalf is compatible with every eCommerce platform and has pre-built APIs or extensions available.

Get paid by the next business day

Accelerate receivables and increase inventory turnover. Behalf ensures you’ll get paid the next business day after transaction approval while your business customers set a payment schedule that works for their business.

Automate reconciliation

Behalf can be integrated into your order management system or ERP. Send payment requests with a few clicks, saving up to $18 per invoice in AR costs and up to 2.6% on the costs of waiting 30 days sales outstanding with next-day payment.

Solution highlights

Behalf enables B2B sellers to offer extended payment terms to the customer. Behalf gets you paid the next business day, while your customer pays Behalf back over time on a schedule that works for them. Offer Behalf as a payment option in any channel you accept payments, from eCommerce checkouts to invoices. With Behalf, businesses can:

  • Embed Behalf’s online application on your existing website so business customers may quickly qualify for net-terms and financing
  • Easily integrate Behalf with your order management system, eCommerce platform (Magento or BigCommerce), or access our API to customize your integration
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce Account Receivables (AR) costs. Outsourcing your terms/financing program via Behalf may save up to $18 per invoice in AR costs
  • Increase revenue up to 44% by providing business customers with access to more buying power, raising average order value (up to 83%) and repeat purchase rate (up to 80%)
Behalf Solution Diagram

Case study: A top national electronics distributor


Business customers of a top electronics distributor were requesting extended payment terms. Because the distributor could not provide net 30 terms due to the impact they would have on cash flow, the distributor was losing customers and sales.


The distributor reached out to Behalf to implement Behalf for eCommerce. By embedding Behalf into their ecommerce checkout, customers could sign up and receive a real-time prequalification decision without ever leaving the distributor’s site.


Almost immediately after launching, shopping cart abandonment among first time buyers decreased by 26%. Customers who paid with Behalf purchased 80% more frequently than non-Behalf buyers, and had a 35% higher Average Order Value (AOV) than non-Behalf buyers.

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