Modo “/Checkout” on AWS

Simplify and optimize your payments stack with one connection to Modo

Modo “/Checkout” is an AWS Partner solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS

Modo offers a customizable, bank-grade payments stack for enterprises who sell online. Businesses no longer have to choose between building their own payments connections or overpaying for a rigid, one-stop-shop payments solution. With one connection to Modo’s "/Checkout" API, e-commerce companies can benefit from the connections of a gateway, the interoperability of a hub, and the routing of a switch.

Modo is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency.

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AWS Partner Network Competency


Easier management of payment providers

Toggle connections to payment service providers and payment methods with the click of a button.

Faster orchestration of transactions

Utilize a ledgering system to control accounting, communication, state, and security of transactions.

Price optimization

Choose from multiple PSPs to route transactions based on factors like price, speed, and likelihood of transaction acceptance.

Solution highlights

Modo’s technology allows companies selling online to access payment service providers (PSPs) and local payment methods all over the world through a single connection with Modo.

  • Perform smart routing to payment service providers based on cost, speed, availability, and service offerings
  • Enable and accept new payment methods without disrupting your checkout experience using Modo’s hosted checkout
  • Turn raw payments data into actions that will help you make better payments decisions regarding your partners
  • Reconcile the books faster with centralized settlement reporting across all your payment service providers and methods regardless of currency
  • Understand each transaction from start to finish using Modo’s ledgering system to control accounting, communication, state management, and security of transactions
  • Receive a consolidated view of exception, disputes, and fraud across all payment providers in your stack and with the ability to manage your payments in the same portal
  • Reap the benefits of using a gateway, switch, and a hub in your payments stack with one simple connection to Modo
Modo /Checkout Diagram Workflow

Case study: 14W - A global provider of digital content


14W operates a growing payment stack processing billions of dollars in volume across multiple PSPs in various global markets. As they continued expanding into new markets, 14W was facing high costs to continue to maintain their payments stack internally.


Modo removed the complexity of building and expanding the 14W payments stack. With one connection to Modo, 14W now has access to the global payment providers they need without having to build and maintain their stack in-house.


14W now can add or swap any of their respective systems from back-end to front. They enjoy the flexibility of a digital cloud-based platform that reduces manual processes, and extensibility allowing for global expansion while focusing on their core business vs. dealing with payments complexity.

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