Customize Amazon CodeWhisperer for even better recommendations (Preview)

Accelerate your development with the CodeWhisperer customization capability

Get more relevant code recommendations

Customize Amazon CodeWhisperer to generate more relevant recommendations by making it aware of your internal libraries, APIs, best practices, and architectural patterns, significantly accelerating development. 

Write better code

You can carefully select which repositories that you want to customize recommendations on to promote the use of code that meets your organization’s coding standards and quality and security bars, and avoid unwanted or deprecated code.

Onboard developers faster

Getting used to a new code base can take months of digging through code, finding documentation, and becoming familiar with coding standards. CodeWhisperer now speeds up onboarding by suggesting relevant internal libraries, APIs, and more, minimizing trial and error.

Protect your valuable IP

Your organization’s administrators can securely connect CodeWhisperer to your internal code bases to create multiple customizations. Administrators decide which customization to activate, and they have fine-grained controls over which developers have access to it. Each customization is isolated from the foundation model underlying CodeWhisperer to help protect your intellectual property.

* In this example, after creating a private customization, 'AnyCompany' developers get CodeWhisperer code recommendations that include their internal APIs and libraries.

A giant leap forward in developer productivity

28% faster

To understand the impact of customization, we worked with Persistent, a global digital engineering and enterprise modernization company, to conduct an internal study. Their study shows that developers using Amazon CodeWhisperer completed their tasks an additional 28% faster with customizations than without.

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