Amazon Q with CodeWhisperer (Preview)

Amazon Q in the IDE is a conversational assistant that can be used to have a conversation about your code, get code suggestions, or ask questions about building software.

Have a conversation about your code

With Amazon Q in the IDE, ask a question about your code and Amazon Q will provide a detailed description, saving you time spent reviewing undocumented code.

Upgrade languages versions in a fraction of the time

Remove the undifferentiated work of tedious tasks of upgrading language versions. Amazon Q Code Transformation upgrades your current language version, analyzes the source code of your application, identifies mandatory package dependencies and frameworks, and replaces deprecated code with working code.

Build new application features with a descriptive prompt

Amazon Q can create a plan to help you add new features to your application with just a prompt. You can iterate on the plan with Amazon Q until you're satisfied. Then, Amazon Q prepares all the suggested code changes for your review, enabling you to ship features much faster.