Reliable and automated data replication for Amazon MSK clusters

Amazon MSK Replicator is a feature of Amazon MSK that enables you to reliably replicate data across Amazon MSK clusters in just a few clicks without requiring expertise to setup open-source tools, writing code, or managing infrastructure. MSK Replicator automatically provisions and scales underlying resources, so you can easily build multi-region applications and only pay for the data you are replicating.


Fully managed

With MSK Replicator, there is no need to provision infrastructure or setup and run Apache Kafka MirrorMaker 2. MSK Replicator drives best practices through design, monitoring and automation, so you can easily replicate data and metadata between Apache Kafka clusters.

Scales automatically

MSK Replicator provides a serverless experience and scales the underlying resources up and down, so you don’t have to plan replication infrastructure capacity and pay only for what you need to replicate data across your Apache Kafka clusters.

Availability and multi-region fault tolerance

MSK Replicator can help applications stay available and high performing for business continuity. If a single AWS region becomes degraded, your application can redirect to a different region which already has the data replicated from the primary region.

Use cases

Build multi-region streaming applications

Build highly available and fault-tolerant streaming applications for increased resiliency without setting up custom solutions.

Aggregate data for analytics

Copy data from multiple Apache Kafka clusters into one cluster for easily generating insights on aggregated real-time data.

Write locally, access your data globally

Setup multi-active replication to automatically propagate writes performed in one AWS region to other regions for providing data at lower latency and cost to consumers.

How to get started

Review the developer guide

Learn more about MSK Replicator from the developer guide.

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Explore MSK Replicator pricing

Pay only for what you use.

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Copy data across Amazon MSK clusters

Log in to the Amazon MSK console.

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