With Amazon MSK, you pay only for what you use. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments. You pay for the time your broker instances run, the storage you use monthly, and standard data transfer fees for data in and out of your cluster. You do not pay for Apache ZooKeeper nodes that Amazon MSK provisions for you, or data transfer that occurs between brokers and nodes within clusters.

Broker Instance Pricing

You pay for Apache Kafka broker instance usage on an hourly basis (billed at one second resolution), with varying fees depending on the size of the Apache Kafka broker instance and active brokers in your Amazon MSK clusters. See the Broker Instance Pricing Tables for details.

Broker Storage Pricing

With Amazon MSK, you pay for the amount of storage you provision in your cluster. This is calculated by adding up the GB per broker each hour and dividing by the number of hours in the month, resulting in a value in "GB-Months," as shown in the pricing example. See the Broker Storage Pricing Tables for details.

Data Transfer Fees

You are not charged for data transfer between brokers or between Apache ZooKeeper nodes and brokers. You will pay standard AWS data transfer charges for data transferred in and out of Amazon MSK clusters.

Pricing example

If three kafka.m5.large’s are active in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region, and your brokers use 1TB of storage for 15 days in March and 2TB of storage for the final 16 days in March, you would pay the following for the month:

Broker instance charge
Instance usage (in hours) = 31 days x 24 hrs/day x 3 brokers = 2,232 hours x $0.21 (price per hour for a kafka.m5.large) = $468.72

Storage charge
Storage usage in GB-Hours = [1000 GB x 15 days x (24 hrs/day)] + [2000 GB x 16 days x (24 hrs/day)] = 1,128,000 GB-Hours

Convert GB-Hours to GB-Months to calculate the monthly charge:
1,128,000 GB-Hours / 24 hrs / 31 days = 1,516.13 GB-Months x $0.10 (the price per GB-Month in US East region) = $151.61

Total charge = $468.72 (broker instance charge) + $151.61 (storage charge) = $620.33

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Review the getting-started guide

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