Getting Started with Amazon GameLift


GameLift now available in six new regions

Reach players closer to their actual locations with the addition of six new regions (from 15 to 21); and get up and running faster with simpler fleet management. Read the blog announcement »

Get Up & Running with Amazon GameLift in 10 Minutes

Amazon GameLift offers a step-by-step Developer Guide, API Reference Guide, and Amazon GameLift SDKs. You can also see for yourself how easy it is to test Amazon GameLift using our sample game. 

Get Started with Amazon GameLift

Creating or running an online multiplayer game? Get your dedicated game servers up and running with Amazon GameLift in three easy steps.

Step One.

Sign up for an AWS account

It takes less than five minutes to sign up and is completely free to register with AWS Free Tier »

Step Two.

Upload your build

Start testing Amazon GameLift by using our sample game client.

Step Three.

Deploy your game servers

Learn how to deploy a game server with our sample game server and see the live player and session data you created in the Amazon GameLift dashboard. Sign up now »

Developer Resources and Documentation

GameLift Managed Servers SDK

The Amazon GameLift Server SDK supports Unity 2020.3, Unreal 4.26, and custom C++ and C# engines. It contains components that integrate with your Windows or Linux game server, including C++ and C# versions of the Amazon GameLift Server SDK, Amazon GameLift Local, and an Unreal Engine plugin.

AWS SDK for GameLift

The AWS SDK integrates with your client and backend game services like identity services or matchmaking. The Amazon GameLift Client API is available in the AWS SDK, which supports over 10 languages.

Management Console and CLI

Configure your Amazon GameLift resources, deploy your games, track usage, and upload metrics into Amazon CloudWatch using the web-based Amazon GameLift Management Console. To automate configuration and deployment, you can also use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).


GameLift Realtime Client SDK

The Amazon GameLift Realtime Client SDK version 1.2.0 allows your lightweight multiplayer games to communicate with your Amazon GameLift Realtime game servers using TCP or UDP. The Realtime Client SDK includes a C# client that can be used with Unity 2020 and custom C# game engines.


Learning Resources: Find links to documentation on all GameLift solutions, and get access to forums, training modules, and samples.


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