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Getting Started with Amazon GameLift

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Work from your game engine

Integrate GameLift seamlessly across major game engines using plugins and SDKs and get your game online fast.

Unreal Engine

Begin your journey

Follow the steps to use the Amazon GameLift plugin for Unreal.


Download and Install plugin

The standalone plugin contains all the necessary libraries to integrate GameLift into your Unreal Engine game projects. To add the plugin to your game project, you will also need to build the C++ Server SDK.


GameLift Plugin for Unreal Engine Integration Guide

Integrate Amazon GameLift into your Unreal Engine project with the Integration Guide and plugin guided workflows.

Documentation ➜

Develop locally with GameLift Anywhere

Configure local game development with GameLift Anywhere by registering your local development environment, compile and test server logic updates, and seamlessly handle game session requests locally.


Monitor on the AWS Console

Use the Amazon GameLift console to monitor your build and fleet status, while gaining insights through game session and player data analysis.