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AWS Partners validated through the AWS Service Delivery Program have developed the offerings listed below to help you adopt and implement our services at scale. These AWS Partner offerings have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.


Alite International

Alite-International develops well-architected IoT solutions where AWS IoT Core as well as many other related services and technologies are used.

Class Method

Classmethod supports your business through knowledge of AWS IoT Services. 

We are proposing and building about utilization of serverless architecture such as AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. While investigating the latest technology, we are aggressively introducing technology to maximize the value of customers to actual projects.


Deloitte is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner who provides a holistic approach to help you transform your business, realize tangible value, and deliver powerful outcomes.

The Deloitte IoT practice is a dynamic blend of technologists, strategists, and designers who use technology, data, and science to drive major business innovation. By mixing in creative vision and significant industry expertise, our IoT practice is helping our clients re-imagine and rewire business.

EPAM Systems, Inc.

EPAM offers end-to-end delivery approach for IoT Solutions.


An Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Fujisoft is a one-stop solution from hardware to cloud that can be built in a short time. They will guide your problems to resolution.

Using the characteristics of the AWS IoT services, Fujisoft uses data collection infrastructure, accumulation infrastructure, and analytical infrastructure environments in a short period of time at low cost. They also help ease the load on communication by reducing the weight of data with edge computing technology.


IBM IoT Services extends existing and brings new value to clients through the transformative power of IoT. IBM IoT Services serves over 6,000 clients in asset-intensive industries.


JIG-SAW Inc. has core competencies in Software Development, Hardware Development, and Cloud Architecting and the Internet of Things. They have developed, tested, and put a lot of thought into creating a ready to use, end-to-end IoT service built on the same reliable AWS services you know and love. Get started using IoT in minimal time.


Katulu is specialized in development of individual industrial IoT solutions and modern serverless IoT applications based on AWS IoT. Their experts in OT and IT support customers along the entire value chain, no matter how small or large machines are.

Klika Tech
Klika Tech

As an Advanced tier AWS Consulting Partner, Klika Tech provides global product development expertise to co-create hardware, software and embedded IoT solutions with optimal time-to-market and measurable ROI.

Klika Tech, leverages the full suite of AWS services to co-create hardware, software and embedded IoT solutions including secure, managed cloud mobile device interactions, local compute, messaging, data caching, sync, and ML inference capabilities, authentication and encryption of device data, and automated big data analytics.


OGIS-RI provides total solutions matched to each and every client with easy, cost-saving, and scalable all-in-one IoT trial packages to help your IoT business.
The IoT Kantan Pack makes it possible to accelerate PoC and start a small IoT business. It includes devices, sensors, radio networks, and runs on AWS. All components are verified in advance and suitable for PoC, field test, and production. OGIS-RI's know-how and system integration skills will support your first step in your IoT business.


Onica is an integrated design, software, hardware, and deployment Partner with IoT ninjas to accelerate your project.

Onica architects, builds, deploys, and manages custom solutions for the IoT and medical devices. From strategy to execution to ongoing management, our team consistently delivers IoT projects across a wide range of industries.

Open Systems Technologies
Open Systems Technology

OST has extensive IoT experience, working with market leaders to design, build, launch, and support successful industrial and consumer connected products.

From strategy and design through architecture and DevOps, OST has worked with teams across every stage of connected product development and works alongside your team to navigate the organizational and technical hurdles that come along with your IoT project.


POSCO ICT is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner and provides total services such as consulting, designing, implementing, migration, and technical support for building IoT platforms. Cloud IoT platform collects, stores, and manages a large amount of sensor data from various devices in real time on AWS.

ratiokontakt GmbH

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, ratiokontakt offers a broad knowledge of the AWS portfolio and supports you across many verticals when leveraging deep IoT integration with other AWS services. Building efficient, long-lasting and inter-operable solutions, ratiokontakt enables you to focus on identifying data that is meaningful to your business.

Based around AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass, ratiokontakt offers services for introducing businesses to IoT concepts, as well as supporting early adapting practitioners with improving their standing IoT integration. With proven experience in software and hardware integration, ratiokontakt plans and executes a diverse set of IoT use cases.

Storm Reply
Storm Reply

Storm Reply helps companies to speed up the developement of connected IoT solutions spanning multiple market sectors.


Smile provides even the largest companies and institutions with one of the best, secure, open source solutions by helping you choose. Together with Smile you will imagine and develop the objects of today and tomorrow. They will be by your side in the development, industrialization, deployment, and maintenance of your solutions. Smile’s Embedded and IoT offering ensures the security and reliability of your embedded and connected systems.


Today, IoT devices are processing vast amounts of information which needs to be processed in real time. The cloud is the right location for this processing and deep analysis to occur because decision-making needs to be made on the edge.

TensorIOT offers end-to-end Internet of Things implementation. Their team excels at connecting things and seamlessly deriving business value They help accelerate Edge implementation of your IoT workloads and technologies like ML at edge, Time-Series Historian, Protocol translation, and Local decision engine.


Trek10 builds massively scalable, highly available back-end infrastructures for IoT solutions that can be rolled out quickly and elegantly scaled to support tens of thousands of devices with minimal upfront investment and incredibly low operating costs.

Trek10 has a proven track record of designing and implementing event-driven (serverless) infrastructures for IoT solutions with multiple enterprise deployments under its belt. Trek10 is one of an esteemed group of AWS Consulting Partners worldwide that have been awarded the AWS IoT Competency.

Xcube Labs

A high speed digital transformation agency with a track record of delivering connected enterprise solutions on AWS IoT Core, [x]cube LABS has implemented a variety of use cases in IoT, home & building automation, consumer products, and connected medical devices. The [x]cube LABS team has consistently been able to leverage analytics and edge device intelligence in these use cases

[x]cube’s AWS IoT services include consulting, solution architecture design, product development, and implementation. Key use cases include parking management, energy management, connected devices for monitoring patient health in and out of hospitals, predictive maintenance of connected devices, and more.

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