AWS IoT SiteWise Customers

Learn how leading industrial companies increase production efficiency and asset availability with AWS IoT SiteWise.

Toyota is a multinational automotive manufacturer.

“The Operation Availability of our focus line was between 78-82%, incurring around 40 hours of downtime each month. With the help of AWS, we have found many problems in our machines, if left unnoticed would lead to critical failure. Now our OA is 92% and the downtime is around 20 hours!”

-         Braden Burford, Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Toyota

Modernizing predictive maintenance to achieve operational excellence with Toyota Motor North America

Bristol Myers Squibb is an American multinational pharmaceutical company.

“In our quest for improved business strategies in Biologics, Pharma, and Cell-Therapy, enhancing visibility and traceability was crucial. AWS IoT SiteWise proved to be the perfect solution. By modernizing our data infrastructure with AWS, we seamlessly consolidated various data sources into a unified data hub, optimizing efficiency and scalability. This transformation allowed us to combine data from diverse systems and enabled insightful analytics for product batches across multiple sites. It significantly bolstered our ability to predict asset maintenance and shed light newer potential use-cases. It's a game-changer.”

-          Nitin Bhatti, GPS IT, Manufacturing Analytics, Bristol Myers Squibb

Lockheed Martin is one of the largest defense contractors in the world.

Hear from Lockheed Martin about how the company uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to generate detailed, data-driven decisions across the organization. From using machine learning and IoT in its intelligent factory to embedding robotics into the plant floor to improve efficiencies, Lockheed Martin is driving innovation in its factory and process automation

Lockheed Martin is driving innovation in its factory and process automation

NSG Group is one of the four largest glass companies in the world.

“We are immensely impressed with the seamless integration of AWS for acquiring Industrial IoT data, which has significantly enhanced our ability to analyze process performance. Alongside our dedicated continuous improvement projects, this strategic approach has led to remarkable efficiencies, culminating in savings in excess of £100,000 in a remarkably short time frame.”

-          Peter Lai, Continuous Improvement & Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Manager, NSG Group

Marmon Holdings, Inc. is comprised of more than 120 autonomous businesses serving diverse industries and markets worldwide.

“Marmon is innovating its plant operations with the hybrid-edge capabilities offered by AWS. This has allowed us to quickly internally develop and scale Industrial IoT capabilities across our facilities at a cost lower than third-party solutions. We have gained immediate insights at the edge while also enabling in-depth analysis on the cloud.”

-          Dr. Jeff Garascia, Chief Innovation Officer, Marmon Holdings

Siemens Energy is a global leader in energy technology.

"Cloud-native enablement of brownfield machine connectivity using Domatica EasyEdge is a game changer. It helps to connect more assets, in less time and at a lower cost, inside the existing AWS IoT SiteWise ecosystem."

-          Mario Pilz, Program Manager, Industrial IoT, Siemens Energy

Connecting legacy factory equipment to improve factory automation with Siemens Energy