AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that makes it easy to collect, organize, and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale. AWS IoT SiteWise provides the capabilities for collecting data from diverse industrial sources at the edge, as well as organizing and standardizing enterprise asset hierarchy. SiteWise computes common industrial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics, supports anomaly detection and alarms, and facilitates near real-time and analytical insights.  


Gateway management

Configure, deploy, manage, and monitor active edge gateways across all facilities through the SiteWise console or APIs. View the status of all production lines by monitoring the health of your individual gateways remotely using the SiteWise console, or on premises using AWS OpsHub for SiteWise. You can also use the Amazon CloudWatch Metrics console to view gateway metrics to monitor the health, status, and performance of your gateway resources.

On-premises data collection, processing, and monitoring

AWS IoT SiteWise includes AWS IoT SiteWise Edge, on-premises software used to collect, organize, process, and monitor equipment data locally before sending it to AWS. SiteWise Edge runs on local hardware such as third-party industrial gateways and computers, and automates securely connecting to and reading data from your industrial equipment, on-site data servers, or historian databases. SiteWise Edge collects data using multiple industrial protocols, including OPC-UA and MQTT, as well as a wide range of protocols supported through partners. Once data is collected, you can filter data streams (for example, air temperature above a user-specified threshold), define asset metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), or customize how data is processed. Once processed, you can send date to the cloud and for longer-term storage and analysis you can send the data to other AWS services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Timestream.

MQTT Protocol integration and other data ingestion methods

In addition to ingesting data with AWS IoT SiteWise Edge, AWS IoT SiteWise supports other data ingestion methods including MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol integration using AWS IoT Core. Use the AWS IoT Message Broker to subscribe to a topic that is publishing messages from your industrial equipment, then use the AWS IoT Core Rules Engine to route messages to AWS IoT SiteWise. AWS IoT SiteWise also uses REST APIs to allow any edge or cloud application to send data to AWS IoT SiteWise.

Buffered ingestion

Define which data sets are needed in the cloud at different velocities (hot, warm, or cold) to support a variety of use cases – from near real-time monitoring to analytical insights. AWS IoT SiteWise will take care of ingesting data through the most cost-efficient path.


Time series storage integrated with your industrial data lake

AWS IoT SiteWise storage supports three storage tiers for equipment data: a hot storage tier optimized for real-time applications; a warm storage tier optimized for analytical workloads; and a customer-managed cold storage tier using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for operational data applications with high latency tolerance. SiteWise helps you to reduce storage cost by keeping recent data in the hot storage tier for at least 30 days and moving historical data to a cost-optimized warm storage tier based upon user-defined data retention policies.


Asset modeling

Use AWS IoT SiteWise to build models of your physical operations that represent your assets, processes, and facilities, which will help you understand industrial data in the context of your equipment. Once your models are created, you can define an asset hierarchy to accurately represent relationships between devices and equipment within a single facility or across multiple facilities. SiteWise provides APIs which allow you to bulk import metadata currently available in other systems. For example, you can import your asset definitions and hierarchies for an equipment model currently defined in your historians or SCADA. This capability can help reduce the time it takes to create, update, and managed asset models and hierarchies in SiteWise. You can also create reusable components to derive new nested asset models and express variations between asset models easily.

Asset transforms and metrics

Map data streams and define static or computed equipment and process properties across all facilities so they're readily available for analysis. Using a built-in library of operators and functions, you can create two types of custom computations: transforms and metrics. You can define transforms that trigger when equipment data arrives and metrics computed at user-defined intervals that can be configured for an asset or rolled up from a group of assets. AWS IoT SiteWise also automatically computes commonly used statistical aggregates—such as average, sum, and count—over multiple time periods (for example, one minute or one hour) for equipment data, transforms, and metrics. Visualize these auto-computed aggregates using AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor web applications, or retrieve them to be used from your industrial applications.


Data retrieval

SiteWise supports performant retrieval of operational data for near real-time insights and analytical workloads. You can use SQL for ad-hoc analysis or to offload data for Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) applications.

In addition, custom edge and cloud applications can use query APIs to easily retrieve asset data and computed metrics from the AWS IoT SiteWise time series data store, or a publish/subscribe interface to consume a near real-time stream of structured IoT data. Custom edge applications can also call the same AWS IoT SiteWise query APIs on the AWS IoT SiteWise Edge software running on premises, retrieving asset data and metrics without relying on cloud connectivity.


To assess equipment performance, define and update alarms using AWS IoT SiteWise. Set specific alarm rules, choose their severity, and select notification methods like email or SMS. Operators can then manage these alarms and even link them to other AWS services for integrated notifications. AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor allows for a visual representation of these alarms, comparing them with real-time and historical data, and offering a comprehensive view through charts and tables, simplifying equipment monitoring and corrective action planning.


Identify and visualize changes in equipment or operating conditions with anomaly detection, thereby unlocking Predictive Maintenance use cases. This integration allows customers to sync data between AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon Lookout for Equipment without the need to build a complex set of integrations or to write code. Customers can now easily build Lookout for Equipment machine learning models directly through AWS IoT SiteWise.

To integrate AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon Lookout for Equipment, create a prediction definition on an asset model with properties you want to track. Train the prediction model based on collected historical data. Schedule inference to setup how often to check for anomalies. Once you schedule inference, the prediction model monitors the data it receives from your equipment and looks for anomalies and trends. New Inferences are ingested back into IoT SiteWise data store.


Industrial data dashboard

Create no-code, fully managed web applications using AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor. With this feature, you can visualize and interact with operational data from devices and equipment connected to AWS IoT services. You can automatically discover and display asset data ingested and modeled with AWS IoT SiteWise. View asset data and computed metrics in near real time, or compare and analyze historical time series data from multiple assets and time periods. Visualize data using line and bar charts, add thresholds, and monitor data against these thresholds. Users can access the web applications from a browser on any web-enabled desktop, tablet, or phone, and sign in with their corporate credentials through a single sign-on (SSO) experience. Administrators can create one or more web applications to easily share access to asset data with any team in their organization and accelerate insights. You can also deploy web applications locally using the AWS IoT SiteWise Edge software, so you can visualize equipment data in real time on the factory floor, even when cloud connectivity is temporarily disrupted.

Figure 1: SiteWise Monitor customized web application

AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that makes it easy to collect, organize, and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale.

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