AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that makes it easy to collect and organize data from industrial equipment at scale.

Edge gateway

AWS IoT SiteWise simplifies the process of collecting and organizing your industrial data by providing software that runs on a gateway residing in your facilities. The gateway automates the process of securely connecting your equipment, collecting and organizing industrial equipment data, and sending the data to the AWS Cloud. You can run the IoT SiteWise software on an AWS Snowball Edge gateway or you can install the IoT SiteWise software on popular third-party industrial gateways. These gateways are specifically designed for industrial environments that are likely already in your facilities connecting your industrial equipment. The gateway can cache data locally in case of intermittent internet connections that are common in remote facilities.

Gateway management

You can configure and monitor edge gateways across all sites and view a consolidated list of data streams being uploaded from any of your sites from a single dashboard, so you can view the status of all of your production lines from one place.

Model builder

AWS IoT SiteWise builds models of your physical operations so you can easily search your industrial data. These models are representations of your assets, processes, and facilities. You can add metadata and map data streams with a simple “point and click” and “drag and drop” experience and create templates for similar equipment in your organization. Once your models are created, you can easily group assets together to represent processes and entire facilities.

Asset metrics

Index information and metrics about equipment or processes across all sites, so they're readily available for analysis. Specify common aggregations, such as SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, and COUNT, for data, or specify formulas to compute complex metrics from raw data for use in dashboards, applications, and SiteWise views. Metrics can be configured for assets or groups of assets and calculated at pre-defined intervals.

Customizable dashboards

AWS IoT SiteWise provides dashboard functionality that allows to personalize your dashboard view to deliver your equipment and process data in a format that best helps you accomplish your operational goals. You can group equipment or processes together so you can have the information you need organized in the way you need it. You can also download data as a CSV for offline analysis.


You can use view and metric APIs to easily search and retrieve data for specific assets, processes, and sites from custom applications.

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