AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that makes it easy to collect, organize and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale.

Data ingestion

AWS IoT SiteWise simplifies the process of collecting and organizing your industrial data by providing multiple options for ingesting data into the AWS Cloud. AWS IoT SiteWise gateway software automates the process of securely connecting your equipment, collecting and organizing industrial equipment data, and sending the data to the AWS Cloud. You can run the AWS IoT SiteWise gateway software on popular third-party industrial gateways and read data from OPC-UA data aggregators or historian databases to upload thousands of data streams per second. The gateway can cache data locally in the event of intermittent internet connectivity which is common in remote facilities. AWS IoT SiteWise gateway software is provided as a pre-packaged connector that runs on AWS IoT Greengrass.

AWS IoT SiteWise supports native integration with IoT Core to ingest data via the MQTT protocol. You can use the IoT Core message broker to subscribe to a topic that is publishing messages from your industrial equipment, and then use the IoT Core Rules engine to route messages to AWS IoT SiteWise.

AWS IoT SiteWise also allows any edge or cloud application to send data to AWS IoT SiteWise by using an API.

Gateway management

You can configure and monitor edge gateways across all facilities and view a consolidated list of active gateways. You can also monitor the health of gateways remotely to view the status of all of your production lines from one place.

Asset modeling

You can use AWS IoT SiteWise to build models of your physical operations so you can easily understand industrial data in the context of your equipment. These models are representations of your assets, processes, and facilities. Once your models are created, you can define an asset hierarchy to accurately represent complex relationships between devices and equipment within a single facility or across multiple facilities.

Asset metrics

You can map data streams and define static or computed properties for equipment or processes across all facilities, so they're readily available for analysis. For example, you can specify common aggregations, such as SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, and COUNT, or specify formulas to compute complex metrics from raw data for visualization in AWS IoT SiteWise-enabled web applications, or for use in custom dashboards and applications. Metrics can be configured for individual assets or rolled up from a group of assets and calculated at pre-defined intervals.

SiteWise Monitor

AWS IoT SiteWise includes the ability to create no-code, fully-managed web applications using SiteWise Monitor for visualizing and interacting with operational data from devices and equipment connected to AWS IoT. You can use SiteWise Monitor to automatically discover and display asset data that has been ingested and modeled with AWS IoT SiteWise. You can view asset data and computed metrics in near real time or compare and analyze historical time series data from multiple assets and different time periods. Users can access the web applications from a browser on any web-enabled desktop, tablet or phone and sign-in with their corporate credentials through a single sign-on (SSO) experience. Administrators can create one or more web applications to easily share access to asset data with any team in your organization to accelerate insights.


Custom applications can use query APIs to easily retrieve asset data from the AWS IoT SiteWise time series data store, or use a publish/subscribe interface to consume a stream of structured IoT data.

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