With AWS IoT SiteWise, you only pay for what you use with no minimum fees or mandatory service usage. All charges are billed monthly. 

IoT SiteWise puts your operators in control of the industrial operations data and metrics they use to make better data-driven decisions every day. IoT SiteWise includes a fully managed, local gateway that connects to and collects industrial data from your on-site data servers. IoT SiteWise transfers your operational data securely to the AWS Cloud where it is labeled and tagged with valuable metadata, such as the equipment model, location, and production line. IoT SiteWise lets you define key performance metrics, such as operational efficiency and uptime, and will continuously compute those for you. Industrial equipment doesn’t operate alone. IoT SiteWise lets you structure your equipment data into assets, asset hierarchies, and processes, so you can easily search and create custom data views across equipment types, production facilities, or process stages. With the right operational data at their fingertips, your operators and operations applications can more quickly and easily identify and remediate waste and production risk such as equipment issues, production gaps, and quality defects.

Product Pricing Glossary

Data Ingested: The amount of data transferred from the local gateway to the cloud.

Raw Data Stored: The amount of data stored in the AWS Cloud.

Data Processed: Data read to compute metrics, render views or serve API calls.

Pricing at a Glance

Data ingested
Data ingested from the AWS IoT SiteWise local gateway to the cloud is charged at $0.50 per GB of data ingested. IoT SiteWise lets you select which data streams to send to the cloud, so you only pay for the data that’s important to you.

Data storage
Once data is in the cloud, IoT SiteWise computes metrics and stores those metrics in Amazon Timestream, a time-series database. Metrics data storage is charged at Timestream data storage rates available here

Data processed
Within IoT SiteWise, data is processed two ways. IoT SiteWise processes data to create metrics and processes data each time you access a data view. SiteWise charges $0.10 per GB of data processed.

Pricing Detail

Data Ingested

AWS IoT SiteWise includes a local gateway1,2 that collects data from onsite data servers and uploads the selected data to IoT SiteWise in the cloud. You will be charged based on the amount of data ingested from all of your IoT SiteWise gateways or by applications that send data to IoT SiteWise via APIs.


US East
(Northern Virginia)

Prices (per GB)


Data Processed


1If you use AWS IoT SiteWise on a Snowball Edge as a gateway, AWS Snowball Edge prices apply.

2If you use your own gateway hardware with IoT SiteWise supported on AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT Greengrass prices apply.

Metrics Data Storage

IoT SiteWise stores computed metrics data for the metrics you define in IoT SiteWise in Amazon Timestream. IoT SiteWise offers three storage types: memory storage for the fastest queries, SSD storage for fast queries, and magnetic storage for cost-efficient retention of older data. SiteWise charges you standard Timestream storage rates. Click here to see the Timestream pricing details.


US East
(Northern Virginia)

Storage Type



$0.036 per GB-hour


$0.0004 per GB-hour ($0.01 per GB-day)


$0.00004 per GB-hour ($0.03 per GB-month)

Data Processed

AWS IoT SiteWise processes the raw data to compute your metrics. IoT SiteWise also processes both raw data and metrics data when you access IoT SiteWise Data Views or when third-party applications request data through IoT SiteWise APIs. You will be charged based on the total data (GB) processed.


US East
(Northern Virginia)

Prices (per GB)


Data Processed


Pricing Example

Industrial Production Line

An industrial production line is connected to an IoT SiteWise gateway. You configure IoT SiteWise to collect 100 data streams and report data at 1 record per second where a record is 240 bytes. 10 metrics have been defined in IoT SiteWise with each metric calculated every five minutes from five ingested data streams. Metrics are cached for a week in memory storage. The monthly IoT SiteWise charges are computed as follows:


Data Ingested

Raw Data Ingested: 100 data streams * (1 record/second * 86,400 seconds/day * 31 days) * (240 bytes/record) / (10243 bytes/GB) = 59.9 GB per month

Total Monthly Data Ingested Charges: 59.9 GB per month * $0.50/GB = $29.95 per month


Data Storage – Metrics Data

Metrics Records Created: 10 metrics * (1 record/ 5 minutes * 1,440 minutes/day) * 7 day retention = 20,160 records

Metric Data Stored: 20,160 records * 1 kb/record * 1 GB/ 1,000,000 kb = 0.02 GB metric data stored

Total Monthly Metric Data Storage Charges: 0.02 GB * $0.036/GB-hour (Timestream Memory storage rate) * 24 hours/day * 7 day retention = $0.12 per month


Data Processed

Data Streams Processed for Metrics Calculations: 10 metrics * 5 data streams/metric = 50 data streams processed

Data Processed for Metrics Calculations: 50 data streams * (1 record/second * 86,400 seconds/day *31 days) * (240 bytes/record) / (10243 bytes/GB) = 29.9 GB per month

Total Monthly Data Processed Charges: 29.9 GB per month * $0.10/GB = $2.99 per month

Total Monthly AWS IoT SiteWise Charges
= $29.95 + $0.12* + $2.99 = $33.06 per month

*Monthly storage charges are recurring based on total data stored and chosen retention periods.


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