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Q: What is AWS IoT SiteWise?

A: AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that enables industrial enterprises to collect, store, organize and visualize thousands of sensor data streams across multiple industrial facilities. AWS IoT SiteWise includes software that runs on a gateway device that sits onsite in a facility, continuously collects the data from its historian, and sends it to the AWS Cloud. Data can also be ingested into AWS IoT SiteWise through AWS IoT Core via the MQTT protocol or by using a PUT API. With AWS IoT SiteWise, you can skip months of developing undifferentiated data collection and cataloging solutions. Instead, you can focus on using your data to detect and fix equipment issues, spot inefficiencies and improve production output.

Q: Why should I use AWS IoT SiteWise?

A: With AWS IoT SiteWise you can easily collect and gain insights into equipment data to reduce waste that commonly occurs in industrial operations. You can structure your sensor data by equipment, so you can easily retrieve it. AWS IoT SiteWise also computes performance metrics that you specify for your equipment and processes. These metrics can help identify various types of wastes such as equipment issues, production gaps, and quality defects.

Specifically, AWS IoT SiteWise enables you to:

Understand and improve processes across multiple facilities. Reducing waste often requires calculating equipment data metrics to track various business goals. With AWS IoT SiteWise, industrial engineers can group sensor data streams by production line, and group production lines into facilities. Analysts in the corporate HQ can then easily query sensor data across all facilities. With AWS IoT SiteWise, you can create an authoritative source of data that is organized by equipment and processes for use across your entire organization.

Understand and resolve equipment issues efficiently. Industrial engineers need performance metrics to pinpoint issues with physical equipment. With AWS IoT SiteWise, a technician can understand the condition of each wind turbine and solar powered generator remotely and dispatch the right resources to fix an issue much faster. This leaves the engineers more time to focus on their core job of understanding and designing better systems, instead of coordinating operational issues in the field.

Visualize operational data of devices and equipment with SiteWise Monitor. Create a fully managed web application for visualizing and interacting with operational data from devices and equipment connected to AWS IoT, without writing code. Automatically discover and visualize data from assets that have already been ingested and modeled with AWS IoT SiteWise. You can view the current data values and view live trend charts of asset data, as well as view historical time series asset data plots across a user defined time period.

Q: What are the pre-requisites for using SiteWise Monitor?

A: Before using a SiteWise Monitor web application, your edge devices and equipment must be configured to send data to AWS IoT SiteWise. If edge data is stored in on-premises historians, then AWS IoT SiteWise software can be run on an edge gateway to transmit data to AWS. If edge data is transmitted to AWS IoT Core using the MQTT protocol, then AWS IoT SiteWise must be selected as the destination endpoint in the Rules Engine. Once data is flowing to AWS, digital models of edge devices and equipment must be created in AWS IoT SiteWise. Finally, you will have to link the equipment data ingested into AWS IoT SiteWise to the asset models created and instantiate the models that represent the actual edge devices and equipment.

Q: How do I setup SiteWise Monitor?

A: To create a web application, an Administrator user will login to the AWS Management Console and then open the AWS IoT SiteWise console. They will then navigate to the Getting Started page under the AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor menu. The Getting Started page guides the Administrator through a simple step-by-step workflow to 1/ create a web portal, 2/ configure an active directory for SSO login, 3/ select users as administrators of the web portal and 4/ add users that will have access to the web portal

Q: How is operational data secured within SiteWise Monitor?

A: SiteWise Monitor web application users are authenticated based on their enterprise identity credentials or built-in user credentials set up in AWS SSO. An Administrator user can setup which assets and asset data is accessible in a web application, and which users are authorized to use that web application.

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