Intuit serves more than 100 million customers worldwide with TurboTax, QuickBooks, Credit Karma and Mailchimp.  Intuit helps put more money in consumers and small businesses' pockets, saving them time by eliminating work, and ensuring they have confidence in every financial decision they make.

"Intuit is pleased with the performance of the Amazon Chime SDK.  It has enabled communication and meeting capabilities in our Virtual Expert Platform, allowing experts to assist customers across our offerings including TurboTax Live Full Service, QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, and more. Amazon Chime SDK's real-time communication capabilities, including video, audio, and screen share, based on WebRTC, has enabled an immersive and user-friendly experience directly within our products. Our customers and employees have praised its ease of use and its many feature benefits and the results have shown increased satisfaction rates across mobile and web. We've found the Amazon Chime SDK to be well-documented and easy for our engineers to adopt, use, and support. Additionally, Amazon Chime SDK offers many valuable add-on features such as VoiceFocus and background blur. Amazon Chime SDK's multi-region and high availability support have proven extremely effective for our business demands of high uptime and reliability to satisfy tax and accounting deadlines. Throughout our development and operations phases, the Amazon Chime SDK team, including architects, engineers and operations personnel have provided us with exceptional support. We're grateful for the amazing results and look forward to our continued partnership.” 

Amir Eftekhari, Principal Engineer, Intuit

“Slack Huddles is a lightweight audio-first way of communicating that’s built on the Amazon Chime SDK, which powers real-time communication capabilities.”

Tamar Yehoshua, Chief Product Officer, Slack

Learn more about how Slack uses AWS in this video »

Faith Group

Samsung Electronics (Samsung) is the world’s largest television manufacturer. To meet customer demand, the company decided to build on Amazon Web Servces (AWS) and used Amazon Chime SDK to create a new live television chat service.

"With AWS, we were able to quickly roll out Live Chatting, the world’s first live television and text chat service.” 

Seokjae Oh, Leader of the Platform Service, Samsung Electronics

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Business Communication and Meetings

IPC is a leading provider of secure, compliant communications and multi-cloud connectivity solutions for the global financial markets.

“In our industry, transcribing and recording trader calls is required for regulatory compliance. With all that recorded call data, machine learning is ideal to monitor calls for compliance and acquire better insights about the trades that are occurring. Optional integration of Amazon Chime SDK's media analytics feature into call flows helps our customers’ compliance teams to securely monitor and automatically flag trades for non-compliance in real-time, as well as gather new trader insights from call data. Working with AWS, IPC was able to execute this quickly: where 12 months prior it would have taken over a week to implement a machine-learning-powered solution like this, Amazon Chime SDK’s media analytics was deployed in just a couple days.”

Tim Carmody, CTO, IPC

“Mitel is a partner in the cloud transformation strategies of many of our enterprise customers. In this capacity, we are trusted with critical communication workloads. When we built the CloudLink platform to power our next generation of collaboration applications, we knew that the AWS cloud had the global reach and security and operational excellence track records that these customers require. While integrating the Amazon Chime SDK into CloudLink, we immediately saw how AWS building blocks like the Amazon Chime SDK simplify architectures and can help us innovate more quickly for our customers. Working directly with AWS as they developed the Amazon Chime SDK, we went from a blank sheet design to field trials of a new collaboration service in under nine months.”

Richard Tworek, Vice President, Mitel Labs

“OfficeSuite UC's cloud-based unified communications as-a-service enables remote work collaboration, audio, and video web conferencing for thousands of business customer and allows their employees to securely access phone and internet services from anywhere, on any device. Using Amazon Chime SDK call analytics, we will be able to offer OfficeSuite UC customers machine-learning-based voice analytics for their voice communications, including voice tone analysis and speaker search. Using voice tone analysis, business customers will be able to identify dissatisfied customers and enable real-time escalations to trained staff that can help address customer satisfaction issues.”

Tim Bell, Senior Vice President - Information Technology, Windstream

Windstream offers managed communications services, including SD-WAN and UCaaS, and high-capacity bandwidth and transport services to businesses across the U.S.. Windstream Enterprise turned to the Amazon Chime SDK’s WebRTC capabilities to make video streaming and sharing simple to implement and cost effective.

“Teaming OfficeSuite Live with the AWS cloud architecture brings a new level of sophistication to our industry-leading virtual meeting platform, one that demonstrates scale, performance and resilience. As a result, our customers and their employees and teams will receive the best possible communications experience.”

Austin Herrington, Vice President, Product Management, Windstream Enterprise



Blackboard is a leading EdTech company serving higher education, K-12, business and government clients around the world. It connects a deep understanding of education with the power of technology to continuously push the boundaries of learning.

“The Amazon Chime SDK will help us deliver next-class stability, speed, Machine Learning-driven noise cancelation, reliability and exquisite audio-visuals. By allowing AWS to handle these areas of specialized expertise, we will continue to focus on pedagogically-sound enhancements. Additionally, with AWS’s secure global infrastructure, we can accelerate the pace by which we bring innovations to market—meaning more robust, capable tools and features available to our customers faster than ever.”

Kathy Vieira, Chief Strategy and Portfolio Officer, Blackboard

American Prison Data Systems Amazon Chime SDK

APDS (American Prison Data Systems) is a provider of education technology services intended to provide inmates in jails and prisons to safely and securely consume permitted digital content.

“APDS use the Amazon Chime SDK to power collaborative learning for incarcerated persons a part of its strategy to lower recidivism. Inmates receive a tablet, at no cost to them, that uses SDK powered voice and video to facilitate learning (again, at no cost to them. APDS is exploring other Amazon Chime SDK components such as Voice Connector, PSTN Audio, and Call Analytics to power inmate calling services that keep them in touch with friends and families for free without incurring expensive calling fees.”

Nate Ober, Chief Technology and Product Officer, APDS

"By using the Amazon Chime SDK and with the commitment and competencies of our fantastic team, we were able to build multi-party video interaction capabilities in our virtual classroom application for schools in Italy in under 8 days. We have been pleased with the Chime SDK service and support team. The feedback from teachers and students using our application has been excellent.”

Emanuele Putignano, CEO, bSmart Labs


Class2Class is a collaborative learning platform and global network that provides universities, businesses, and organizations with an interactive and neutral "Third Space" to connect, create, and manage project-based courses together.

“The COVID-19 pandemic forced many schools and universities to shift to a virtual setting to educate their students, so we built a platform to make teaching and learning virtually an engaging and fulfilling experience for teachers and students around the globe. We wanted to quickly build a single application where students could go to schedule lessons, learn from instructors, and collaborate with peers using video, chat, and screen-sharing. After evaluating several options, we chose the Amazon Chime SDK because it was so easy to implement and came with proven AWS security. It took under a week from the moment we decided to go with the Chime SDK to integrate it with our platform. Today, over 1300 instructors and 3700 students use Class2Class to connect and learn virtually.”

Matt Hightower, Chief Executive Officer, Class2Class

Hyundai NGV

Hyundai NGV provides solution for technical training in electrification and vehicle development to enhance Hyundai Motor Group's competitiveness. Hyundai NGV developed an online proctoring system for coding test using Amazon Chime SDK and Media Capture Pipelines.

"At Hyundai NGV we leverage Amazon Chime SDK to proctor each examinee while taking the exam online. This helps to operate the exams in large number at once and provide high quality supervision. We chose Amazon Chime SDK as it's available to scale and host large number of meeting sessions at once and capability to leverage AI/ML solutions that we plan to use as service feature expansion. We look forward to Amazon Chime SDK's frequent feature updates."

Lim Junchae, Team Leader, HYUNDAI NGV


Visang Education Inc. designs, publishes, and distributes educational books. The Company's products include reference books for students and teachers and both online and offline classes.

"The COVID-19 pandemic caused the number of foreign students who came to Korea to decrease by 40% compared to 2019. This decrease in international students presented a serious risk to Korean Language School Institutions. Without enough students, these facilities would not be able to operate. To help students learn Korean virtually, we built “Master K”, a language platform powered by the Amazon Chime SDK. It helps us to maintain stable video calls globally and enables us to completely customize our platform. Using the SDK, we have optimized our video-conferencing platform for educational purposes, integrating functions such as two-way white-boarding, quizzes, tests, AI pronunciation engine, and grading with the Learning Management System (LMS). We are looking forward to serving over 10 universities this fall and will continue to support students who want to learn Korean virtually during the pandemic."

Joongil Rho, CEO, Visang Education GEO company

Enterprise and Workforce Management


4me® is an enterprise service management (ESM) solution for seamless collaboration between internal and external service providers. 4me is the only ESM solution that makes it possible for all internal departments, like IT, HR and Facilities, to work together seamlessly with each other, as well as with the managed service providers to which some services have been outsourced.

"At 4me, we want to ensure that support specialists have the right tools to provide enterprise employees with high-quality assistance. These days, it is common for specialists to work remotely, so we embedded Amazon Chime into 4me to allow them to quickly start a video call with a colleague without having to leave 4me. Service desk analysts use the embedded Amazon Chime functionality to see a requestor’s video or screen sharing, so they can resolve their issues more efficiently. In just 4 months we were able to fully integrate Amazon Chime into the 4me service. With Amazon Chime, over a million enterprise employees are now able to obtain better support."

Cor Winkler Prins, CEO, 4me

EBS Healthcare

The PlayerLync mobile workforce enablement platform guarantees every frontline employee has the personalized information they need to do their job – where and when they need it.

"At PlayerLync, we provide customers like Starbucks, Crocs, and Southern Company Gas with an all-in-one solution to train, learn, and collaborate more efficiently. When we started looking to add additional communication capabilities to our existing features, we chose the Amazon Chime SDK because it offers the control to build features into our existing user experience. We also like that it offers the security and scalability of AWS, and integration with familiar AWS services for additional capabilities. Adding voice and video was simple and has worked flawlessly. The new messaging features of the SDK will enable us to provide customers with broadcast messages to keep all of their employees informed about relevant topics and implement one-to-one direct messaging. The Amazon Chime SDK provides fine-grained control over messaging data and user access so we can meet the strict legal and regulatory requirements of our customers."

Greg Menard, Chief Technical Officer, PlayerLync

Events and Trade Shows

EBS Healthcare

High Attendance is a cloud-based event management platform that serves large enterprises and brand agencies.

”At High Attendance, we designed our events for organizations to gain a global view of all events across any event management system. When we began hosting virtual events, we searched for a communications service that allowed us to provide unique audio and video experiences, however we struggled to find a platform that gave us the flexibility to do so. We migrated our real-time communication system to Amazon Chime because it can scale to support virtually every customer at our online events. This means that any past, present or future event can be virtual automatically, and our event hosts have the opportunity to leverage the power of AWS. With Amazon Chime, we’ve been able to scale to any size event that our enterprise organizers host, and are able to customize our audio and video capabilities to meet any customer’s unique requirements.”

Christopher Justice, Chief Executive Officer, High Attendance

EBS Healthcare

Born in the Covid-19 era, Ribbon is a San Francisco based technology start-up. Built all-in on AWS Cloud, Ribbon offers turn-key SaaS platform for building B2B marketplaces and digital trade shows for industries that traditionally only relied on in-person business at trade shows and showrooms.

“At Ribbon, it’s critical for our customers to bring an engaging and curated showroom and trade show experience to their buyers. In order to offer the same white glove showroom experience to buyers when they shop online, we needed to embed audio, video, chat and co-browsing capabilities directly into our buyer experience. We chose the Amazon Chime SDK for its high-quality audio/video capabilities, so that shoppers can co-browse and shop our customer’s exhibits while chatting with sales reps without ever leaving the application. We went live for our Trade Show customer's first virtual tradeshow with Chime and in just a day, they were handing over 100 video meetings each lasting for an average 32 minutes ultimately resulting in more orders and even more satisfied customers! Since going live with the Amazon Chime SDK, we’ve received extremely positive feedback from our customers and their buyers on Ribbon's video conferencing capabilities as the show continues on 24 X 7 X 365 days!”

Sanjay Garje, Co-Founder & CTO, Ribbon

Toucan Events
“We are social beings, and it’s in our DNA to interact with other people on a daily basis. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, these interactions across universities, businesses, and at events shifted to virtual platforms. The default experience on traditional conferencing applications was 30 people on a single call with their mics muted and cameras shut off which was not ideal. So, our team came together to build a more natural platform and we turned to the Chime SDK to help us do that. With the Chime SDK, we were quickly and easily able to build a conferencing platform that allows users to emulate in-person group interaction, see who is in each space, what conversations are going on, and choose exactly how they would like to participate. With the Toucan Events platform growing 20% week over week, the Amazon Chime SDK gives us the reliability to scale and the flexibility to make virtual interactions more natural.”

Antonia Hellman, CEO, Toucan Events


“Mindbody leveraged the Amazon Chime SDK to introduce a revolutionizing virtual wellness platform. In just a few weeks, we were able to integrate secure, scalable, livestream capabilities in our existing platform that tens of thousands of global wellness businesses can now use to deliver services to millions of consumers virtually.”

Sunil Rajasekar, CTO, Mindbody

Health Care

"We built the telehealth audio and video calling capability in our CareMonitor application using the Amazon Chime SDK in under a week. In the CareMonitor app, COVID-19 patients are asked daily symptom questions and biometric data like temperature, heart rate and oxygen saturation is collected to gauge their current health status. If the patients deteriorate during the course of the day, they can send a message on the app, which is picked up immediately and the team can use the built-in video calling functionality to contact the patient and assess the situation. We can scale our telehealth app to support over 7000+ clinics and are getting good feedback from participating clinics so far. The CareMonitor telehealth application is making it easy and safe for patients and healthcare providers to connect for one-on-one or group consultations of up to 100 participants."

Dinesh Reddy, CTO, CareMonitor

Read the case study »

EBS Healthcare
"As a global healthcare company, Cerner provides a broad set of technology and services to our clients. A particular area of focus has been enabling care at a distance through telehealth solutions. In the early stages of the COVID 19 pandemic, our clients were rapidly deploying and scaling telehealth solutions to meet the needs of their communities and deliver medical services amidst stay at home orders across the globe. Many clients saw rather modest utilization of these capabilities grow over 800% in a matter of days. In anticipation of continued need to deliver virtual visits, Cerner needed a rapidly scalable, elastic approach to meet surging utilization and global demand for scheduled virtual visit capabilities. The Amazon Chime SDK was a natural answer to solve that challenge.
Cerner rapidly engaged with the Amazon Chime SDK team to implement the service and provide a simple, seamless virtual visit solution for our clients."

Andy Penn, Cerner

"As a global health care company, we use over 25 million minutes per month faxing important information and documents to our customers such as prescriptions to pharmacies in our network. However, the fixed cost model of our previous legacy provider was too expensive and complex to manage when handling the spikes in volume that we observe. So, we migrated to Amazon Chime Voice Connector and leverage AWS’ consumption-based pricing. Since migrating to Amazon Chime, we have recognized a 55% reduction in overall costs simply because of the long-distance rate differences between Voice Connector and our old carrier. As we continue to expand our operations overseas, Amazon Chime Voice Connector provides the capabilities we need where traditional providers would be impossible or cost prohibitive.” 

Brandon Hahn, Senior Technology Architect, Cerner

EASE Applications Logo_FINAL 2018
“Due to the COVID-19 crisis, hospitals across the globe have had to implement visitor restriction policies. Medical providers continue to face a big challenge in keeping patient family members informed. We needed a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solution that could integrate with our existing iOS and Android messaging applications that are used at hospitals across the country. Amazon Chime SDK allowed our engineers to add two-way video communication into our mobile apps within one week. Families have been grateful to have reliable remote communication with patients and their clinicians, and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Jeff Eubanks, VP of Engineering, EASE Applications

EBS Healthcare

In partnership with EBS Children’s Institute, our leading research, training, and teaching organization, EBS is able to offer innovative learning resources and tools that empower therapists and special educators to deliver the highest-quality of services for students nationwide.

"At EBS Healthcare we want to make sure our speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and psychologists have the right tools to provide the best care for children from birth to 21. In 2020, EBS Telepractice services set out to update our state-of-the-art teletherapy platform. Our team evaluated several communication services and found the Amazon Chime SDK was the best solution to support our variety of telehealth and educational needs. Leveraging the Amazon Chime SDK, we were able to accelerate the production of this intuitive telepractice solution in response to COVID-19. The Amazon Chime SDK allowed us to rapidly scale our video-conferencing solution to support over 2,000 therapy sessions every hour. Utilizing Amazon Chime and other Amazon technologies, our team was able to develop an interactive platform that allows therapy sessions to be both secure and engaging. We can now provide students an experience that is as personal as face-to-face sessions. EBS Healthcare believes in equity of education, and the Amazon Chime SDK gives us the reliability we need so we can focus on the care we provide our students and families."

Mark Stubits, CEO, EBS Healthcare

EBS Healthcare

HabitNu is a diabetes prevention program that helps people with type-2 diabetes improve their health and reduce the symptoms of their condition. Our platform uses social interaction, lifestyle coaching, health monitoring, and nudges, all delivered through a mobile app and backed up with analytics and reporting tools for our lifestyle coaches.

“The vast majority of diabetes prevention programs are delivered as in-person classes by trained lifestyle coaches. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all in-person programs faced a choice: end their classes, or deliver them digitally. For us, the problem was that our current teleconferencing vendor could barely scale to meet our current demand, much less meet the projected demand from so many new customers. We decided to switch to the Amazon Chime SDK to build our own, new platform before the expected deluge of new customers overwhelmed our old solution. It was immediately clear we made the right choice: we implemented the features offered by the old solution in about a week and spent the rest of the month implementing features we had always wanted. With the Amazon Chime SDK, we deliver a much more enjoyable experience to our users, which results in greater engagement and better outcomes. Our coaches also love the new interface and have increased their use of video conferences four-fold.”

Gregg Cooke, Founder, HabitNu


ProDoctor Software S/A is a leading healthcare SaaS practice management platform in Brazil, with over 40 thousand users in the healthcare sector, including clinics and small hospitals.

“When we started developing our virtual appointments platform, our goal was to create a unified platform where patients could share sensitive information with doctors and doctors could securely send prescriptions to patients. We knew we needed a highly reliable component to enable patients and doctors to connect through video chat. Our concern for a high level of security was another driving factor of our decision to use the Amazon Chime SDK relative to the other options we were evaluating. Because we do not have to hand our patients’ data over to any third parties, we can ensure that all data stays private with 100% confidence. Today, we have over 40,000 users, with about half being doctors, who use our platform to give and receive care for a wide array of health issues. We believe the demand for telemedicine will increase as the platforms that support patient-doctor interactions improve, and the Amazon Chime SDK will continue to be central to our efforts to make our patients’ and doctors’ experiences more seamless and safe. Digital health is a growing market, and its growth will be accelerated by increased security, transparency and reliability.”

-Jomar Nascimento, CEO and Co-Founder, ProDoctor Software S/A

Quantum Health

Quantum Health is an award-winning consumer healthcare navigation company that enables employers to achieve industry-leading satisfaction rates and independently validated claim savings.

"Quantum Health is the industry leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company that delivers an unparalleled consumer experience for members, along with high satisfaction rates and validated claims savings for employers. Quantum Health’s proprietary Real-Time Intercept™ model identifies opportunities for interventions between members and Quantum Health’s specially trained Care Coordinators long before healthcare claims start to accrue, driving cost efficiency and improved engagement. In collaborating with Quantiphi, an AWS partner, we were able to build a proof of concept using the Amazon chime voice connector and transcribe services, which gave us the ability to deeply understand and accelerate our member engagement in just 5 weeks. This drove more robust real-time insights, which greatly enhanced the quality of our Care Coordinator and member interactions."

Kyle Beckham, Manager, Application Architecture, Quantum Health


Hospitality Voice Tech

Hospitality Voice Tech is a cloud-based technology company that builds innovative solutions for hotels by automating guest requests, answering guest inquiries, and automatically notifying hotel staff of needed service actions.

“At Hospitality Voice Tech, we use the Amazon Chime SDK’s native integration with Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly to power Emma, a conversational AI voice bot built to converse with hotel guests intelligently and naturally. The system is easy for guests to use, and thanks to the Amazon Chime SDK’s API, it integrates smoothly with most hotel phone systems. Hotel General Manager reactions include “This app is a game changer for our guest service response time and internal department communication,” and "Emma is the best employee that I have." Automating frequently asked questions ensures service speed and consistency in an environment of labor shortages. Hotels using Emma see 30% of guest calls getting answers from our voice bot without any human work. The remainder of requests are dispatched to the appropriate staff. This service reduces guest calls, provides guests faster answers, and offers tremendous insight into guest needs.”

Jane Du, CEO, Hospitality Voice Tech

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Suuchi Inc

Suuchi Inc. is a supply chain solution for companies of all sizes; its mission is to democratize access to a digital supply chain for all supply chain participants.

“At Suuchi, crystal clear communication throughout our customers’ supply chain process is paramount. When there is an issue in the factory, quickly and clearly understanding the issue is crucial and requires real-time communication. We decided to use the Amazon Chime SDK to build a more versatile customer contact channel. In a single sprint with a single engineer, we were able to integrate the Amazon Chime SDK into our customer contact channel and fully customize the UI to fit our customers’ needs. Now, project stakeholders leverage the Amazon Chime SDK’s real-time communication capabilities - video chat, screen-sharing, and messaging - directly in our customer contact application to quickly and easily track the status of any project they are involved with. It was so easy to integrate the Amazon Chime SDK into our app and now we can ensure our customers have real-time, clear communication with their vendors.”

Thomas Bardinas, SVP of Technology, Suuchi Inc.

Media and Entertainment

Tokyo Broadcasting System

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) is the nationwide television broadcaster in Japan. Under circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, TBS developed a unique remote appearance tool called TBS BELL. This tool allows the cast members to easily appear in a TV show from any location with just a computer or a smart phone.

Read the Case Study »

“The main reason we selected the Amazon Chime SDK was that it enables more intricate video configuration controls than SDKs of other voice and video services. It not only covers all of the necessary APIs, but also offers a wide range of control parameters (e.g. camera on/off, video layout changes) that can be fully operated by the production crew rather than individually. One major use case is synchronizing settings across devices on set, which helps reduce operational errors caused by individuals like forgetting to switch a camera on or accidentally leaving a microphone on mute during a scene. The Amazon Chime SDK offers new features frequently, and being able to check the newest version on GitHub is also a big plus.”

Tatsuya Nagashima, Innovative Technology Design Division of TV Technology, TBS Media Technology Division

Faith Group

Faith, Inc creates and operates various music content distribution systems like a live streaming platform that enables users to watch performances while having a group video chat.

“At Faith, we constantly look for new ways to help fans engage with and enjoy music. We joined the Amazon Chime SDK live connector beta program to understand how Amazon Chime SDK can help us bring live concert experiences to more listeners at home. We’re also excited to explore how we can use composition and concatenation to create high quality recorded videos from live experiences. We continue to push the boundaries in entertainment, and Amazon Chime SDK supports that growth.”

Ryoji Kudo, Manager, Faith, Inc

Sales and Marketing

EBS Healthcare

ClearSlide is the most complete sales engagement platform for content, communications, and sales intelligence to make every buyer interaction count.

“When choosing technology to upgrade the voice and video features of our Web Conferencing offer, we required a solution that would allow us to maintain the differentiated “look and feel” of our user interface while delivering a high-quality experience, at scale, across our global customer base. The Amazon Chime SDK delivered in all of these categories and in record time. With the Amazon Chime SDK, we were able to quickly integrate voice and video into our Web Conferencing service and leverage the new public switched network (PSTN) audio features to deliver a customized dial in calling experience for end-users. The global reach and operational track record or AWS will enable us to deliver a superior quality service. We can’t wait to launch our new Chime SDK-based meeting experience so our customers can experience the difference!”

Mark Beare, VP of Engineering, ClearSlide

CMNTY Platform is a highly intuitive online platform used by marketers and insights professionals for project-based market research and continuous insights communities. CMNTY's platform and services include panel recruitment, qual and quant research activities, video focus groups, moderation, AI-powered data analysis and reporting.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our clients’ ability to conduct in-person research, we decided to add real-time video to our platform Our goal was to support high-quality, remote focus group activities and in-depth interviews (IDIs). At first we wanted to integrate an existing solution but we were unable to find a video conferencing platform with enough flexibility to add new features like automation of tedious tasks. So we decided to build our own solution with the Amazon Chime SDK. In just 3 days, we built a proof-of-concept and 3 weeks later we were ready to launch “Focus”, our new real-time video chat solution. Traditionally, market research professionals had to communicate with several vendors to record, transcribe, and analyze qualitative data from video activities. With the Amazon Chime SDK, we’ve built a fully integrated solution that gives our clients everything they need in a single platform. We never had so many requests for a demo and people have been impressed with what Focus can do. Amazon Chime SDK gives us the ability to innovate incredibly fast and change the way businesses conduct qualitative research online.”

Peter Nijssen, Chief Technology Officer, CMNTY

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