Plesk Hosting Stack

Simple interface to manage your websites, apps or web hosting environment

Plesk is a leading control panel that allows you to easily manage web hosting environments, simplifying common tasks like setting up new website, email accounts, and DNS on your instance, securing your application, and managing multiple sites from a single location. 

Plesk Hosting Stack on Amazon Lightsail provides a free version of Plesk and is designed to simplify website and application management by providing you with a ready-to-code environment so you can build, secure and run websites and apps that run in the cloud.

Benefits of Plesk Hosting Stack


Automated server administration:

Easily manage your server, including automated updates, application deployment, monitoring, backups and maintenance.

User-friendly interface:

One dashboard to manage multiple sites - build websites, run updates, monitor performance, and onboard new customers from one place.

Ready-to-Code Environment:

Enable and manage multiple PHP versions and configurations, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby or Node.js, all at one-click. Every stack is deployed automatically and allows you to do custom configurations as you need.

Integrated security tools:

Plesk on Lightsail secures your applications and websites automatically. Firewall, fail2ban, and web application firewall are all installed and activated by default. 

WordPress management, simplified:

Easily manage and secure multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, including core, theme, and plugin updates and management, automated security hardening, and more.

Expand features and tools through extensions:

As your business or needs grow, you can use Plesk Extensions available through the in-app catalog to enable additional features on demand. 

Self-Repair Tools:

Automated healing and recovery functionality is built into Plesk so many technical issues can self-repair without needing skilled support, including fully automated (safe) updates including all operating system components.


Plesk is continuously monitoring the health of all relevant system components and provides notifications to the administrator before something goes wrong.

Multi-Language support:

Plesk is available in 32 languages.

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