Amazon MemoryDB Customers

  • Twilio Segment

    Twilio Segment is a leading customer data platform used by 25,000+ businesses to collect, clean, and activate AI-ready data.

    Our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) orchestration system tracks the state of regulation requests processed by multiple teams within our company. We were looking for a primary database for this system that could deliver high performance and easy-to-use backup and restore capabilities for disaster recovery scenarios. We are impressed by MemoryDB's high throughput and low latencies. MemoryDB has enabled us to have a durable primary database with the performance benefits of Redis. Our team has peace of mind knowing that our regulatory requests are durably backed up and easily available for restoring in case of an unexpected event.

    Patrick Sandquist, Engineering Lead - Twilio Segment
  • Samsung SmartThings

    Samsung SmartThings is a powerful remote control for your home that allows users to easily connect and control smart home devices through a single application. In this re:Invent session, learn why Samsung SmartThing chose Amazon MemoryDB for Redis to power the next generation of their IoT device connectivity platform that processes millions of events every day.

  • Netflix

    Netflix is one of the world's leading entertainment services with more than 200 million members in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages.

    Our media platform uses a microservices architecture and we are looking for the right database to support some of our platform requirements. We're excited about the launch of Amazon MemoryDB, as it fulfills our need for a durable, in-memory database that supports our short and long-term architectural plans.

    Charles Zhao, Manager, MCE Media Workflow Infrastructure - Netflix
  • Mediaset Infinity

    Mediaset Infinity is a large commercial broadcaster in Italy that produces and distributes television drama, film, news, sports, and multimedia content. Its streaming service provides live channels and movie streaming to viewers across Italy and around the world. Mediaset Infinity chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of the flexibility, scalability, and ease of implementation that AWS offers. With Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, Mediaset replaced its on-premises architecture in 30 days, scaled to support over five million votes during the finale of its most popular television show, and achieved data durability by storing votes to comply with government requirements.

  • BUD Technologies, Pte. Ltd

    BUD is the largest open metaverse platform with millions of players and user-generated digital assets, powered by blockchain technology. BUD encourages users to create and share 3D interactive experiences with its easy-to-use creation tools.

    Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, which delivers microsecond-read and single-digit millisecond response times and handles millions of transactions per second (TPS), has helped the BUD team to quadruple its R&D (research and development) efficiency.

    Steve Zou, Head of Technical Team of BUD Technologies, Pte. Ltd.
  • Intigral

    Intigral is a leading provider of IP video products and billing services in the MENA region. stcTV/Jawwy TV is the next generation OTT multi-screen platform designed to deliver a wide variety of content in a simple easy to use one stop shop interface.

    We were looking for a database that can deliver high throughput and low latency to support one of our important customer-facing features of our OTT platform. With Amazon MemoryDB, we are durably storing our OTT platform’s metadata of our consumer playback experience. MemoryDB is providing low-latency read throughput without compromising on multi-AZ data durability to deliver the highest quality of service.

    Nabeel Ali Memon, Director of Technology - Intigral
  • Cimpress

    Cimpress is a strategically focused group of more than a dozen businesses that specialize in mass customization to deliver uniquely personalized products conveniently and affordably.

    Many of our services use Redis with Hangfire for backlog management, and one of our requirements is to guarantee a reply to every request, which could be compromised if there is a chance of data loss during fail-over when using Redis as the only data storage. With Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, we no longer need to manage both a cache and a database.

    David Greenberg, Director of Technology - Cimpress
  • transACT Technology solutions

    transACT Technology Solutions specializes in end-to-end IT infrastructure and desktop solutions, reinforced by industry-leading technologies.

    We help a range of customers with their journey to the cloud, and our clients love Redis APIs and data structures due to their ease of use and flexibility when building mission critical applications. They are looking for a database that is Redis compatible and provides durability to avoid the risk of data loss. We're looking forward to the launch of Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, which is the first database to offer the combination of Multi-AZ durability and the versatility of Redis in a single solution.

    Gordon Scobie, Director of Technology Services - transACT Technology Solutions