Amazon IVS

Build engaging live stream and interactive video experiences

100 hours of SD video output and 5 hours of basic video input per month

How it works

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is a managed live streaming solution that lets you build interactive video experiences.
Amazon IVS Explained (01:17)
Why Amazon IVS?
Amazon IVS is a managed live streaming solution that’s quick to set up for mobile and web applications. The service includes its own video player SDK and is ideal for creating interactive video experiences.

Use cases

Build communities with social chat rooms

Let your audiences interact by adding a virtual space to stream chats alongside your live content.

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Allow video monetization with ecommerce

Synchronize companion promotional elements with live stream content to encourage viewers to make purchases or donations.

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Use polls to gauge audience opinions

Get instant feedback from video viewers with polling and voting applications that use timed metadata.

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Host collaborative live streams

Build applications where you can bring audience members “on stage” to contribute to the live conversation

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How to get started

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