Build engaging live stream and interactive video experiences

Create, configure, and deliver live streams to your viewers with a managed service.

Real-time streaming with latency that can be under 300 milliseconds.

Integrate video into interactive mobile apps with the Broadcast SDKs.

Amazon Interactive Video Service explained (1:36)
Amazon IVS Explained
Amazon Interactive Video Service is a managed live streaming solution that makes low-latency or real-time video available to viewers around the world, allowing you to create engaging live experiences.

Use cases

Turn viewers into hosts with guest spots

Create applications that allow hosts to promote guests "on stage," turning viewers into hosts for real-time interactions.

Create host vs host events

Produce experiences with side-by-side competitions and let viewers watch hosts compete in real-time.

Live video auctions

Turn auctions into interactive video events and maintain integrity and excitement with real-time latency.

Host collaborative audio rooms

Invite listeners to join the conversation as guests and foster deeper engagement in your audio rooms.

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