Amazon Connect Launches Web & Mobile Chat for a True Omnichannel Contact Center Experience

Posted on: Nov 21, 2019

Today, AWS is announcing the general availability of web and mobile chat for Amazon Connect, giving businesses an omnichannel cloud contact center service based on the same technology used by Amazon customer service associates worldwide. Amazon Connect now makes it easy for you to offer your customers the ability to reach you by chat or by phone. By using the same routing, configuration, analytics, and management tools across voice and chat, Amazon Connect gives you a single unified contact center service across channels, simplifying contact center operations, improving agent efficiency, and lowering costs.

Amazon Connect chat supports asynchronous messaging, enabling your customers to respond to a conversation at their own pace, making it as familiar as messaging a friend. Your customers can start chatting with contact center agents from any of your business applications, web or mobile. You can build automated interactions for your customers once using contact flows and reuse them across voice and chat. Just like with voice, Amazon Lex is natively integrated within contact flows for chat, enabling you to add Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered chatbots to your conversations - no coding required. The conversation context and transcript can be shared across agents and channels, giving your customers the freedom to move seamlessly without forcing them to start all over again or to wait for an agent.

Amazon Connect provides a single routing engine, which increases efficient distribution amongst agents and reduces end-customer wait times. Agents have a single user interface to help end-customers using both voice and chat, reducing the number of tools they have to learn and the number of screens they have to interact with. Building, monitoring and maintaining your mission critical contact center reporting and dashboards is easy since metrics and analytics are shared across channels. Amazon Connect chat also integrates with the same broad set of AWS tools and infrastructure as Amazon Connect voice. For example, you can store chat transcripts in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and use Amazon Kinesis to stream contact center analytics.

Just like with voice, you pay only for what you use with Amazon Connect chat. There are no required up-front payments, long-term commitments or minimum monthly fees. You pay per chat message and for more details please visit the Amazon Connect pricing page.

Amazon Connect chat is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered.

To get started, you can read about Amazon Connect chat on the AWS news blog, watch an overview video, check out our feature page, register for a tech talk, or deploy chat today using our sample implementations.