Research and Engineering Studio on AWS

Simplify research computing and product design in the cloud

Research and Engineering Studio on AWS

Research and Engineering Studio on AWS (RES) is an open source, easy-to-use web-based portal for administrators to create and manage secure cloud-based research and engineering environments. Using RES, scientists and engineers can visualize data and run interactive applications without the need for cloud expertise.

With just a few clicks, scientists and engineers can create and connect to Windows and Linux virtual desktops that come with pre-installed applications, shared data, and collaboration tools they need. With RES, administrators can define permissions, set budgets, and monitor resource utilization through a single web interface.

RES virtual desktops are powered by Amazon EC2 instances and NICE DCV. You can install RES from the project’s homepage on GitHub. RES is available at no additional charge. You pay only for the AWS resources needed to run your applications.


Minimize administrative overhead

Administrators can set permissions and budgets, as well as create and manage virtual desktops for research and engineering teams through a single interface.

No cloud expertise required

With an easy-to-use web-based portal, scientists and engineers can create, connect to, or share virtual desktops within minutes, speeding up the time to obtain results without cloud expertise.

Flexible access to services

Create virtual desktops using a wide range of CPU- and GPU-based Amazon EC2 instances, software stacks, and file systems for both Linux and Windows operating systems, providing access to a broad range of AWS services.

Use cases

Collaborate using shared research and engineering environments

Easily create, manage, and monitor virtual desktops and file systems. A simple web portal simplifies fleet setup and promotes collaboration across teams and projects.

Define and manage projects

Use projects to define permission boundaries, resources, and collaboration between team members. With each project, you can view metrics and assign a unique budget to track spending and manage the use of the product.

Enable access to AWS without creating individual accounts

Administrators can provide scientists and engineers access to AWS services through their organization’s existing active directory (AD).

Get started

Sign up for an AWS account

Start building

Read the RES user guide to get started.

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Learn more about RES by reading frequently asked questions.

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Start building with EC2 in the console

Explore RES

View the blog to learn more about RES.

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