Thanks to AWS technology, Redox has been able build a product that wouldn't have been possible 10 years ago. As the market leader and innovator in offering HIPAA-eligible services, AWS is an easy choice for building or scaling healthcare software.
Nick Hatt Director of Developer Relations, Redox

Using AWS, Redox grew its healthcare data network by more than 500 percent in one year and built a compliant platform using HIPAA-eligible AWS services. Redox is a cloud-native healthcare-technology company founded with the goal of bringing healthcare interoperability to the cloud. Using HIPAA-eligible services offered by AWS, Redox designed its platform around horizontal scalability and uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to run its container-based ecosystem. Redox relies on the ever-expanding list of AWS HIPAA-eligible services, including Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon ElastiCache, to help it save time developing scalable and compliant architectures that help healthcare institutions standardize data, maintain integrations and get technology into the hands of healthcare providers and patients. Nick Hatt, senior developer at Redox, spoke at the 2019 AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences Cloud Symposium.