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Amazon Kinesis Firehose is the easiest way to ingest streaming data into Amazon Redshift. Amazon Kinesis Firehose automatically batches and compresses data before loading it into Amazon Redshift, and makes the data available for processing and analytics. It offers a serverless architecture, so all you have to do is specify the destination Redshift cluster, provide a Redshift COPY command, and send the data to the service from mobile devices, sensors, IoT telemetry, and other data sources. To get started, simply sign into the console and create a Firehose delivery stream.

Introducing Amazon Kinesis Firehose

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is a fully managed service that loads streaming data reliably and cost-effectively to Amazon Redshift and other AWS services. Amazon Kinesis Firehose provisions and manages all the compute and storage resources needed, handles the underlying stream management, scales automatically, and transmits the data continuously to your Amazon Redshift cluster. As a result, you can start working with real-time, streaming data in minutes with just a few clicks in the console, and without writing custom stream processing applications.

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With Amazon Kinesis Firehose, you can capture data continuously from connected devices such as consumer appliances, embedded sensors, and TV set-top boxes. Amazon Kinesis Firehose loads the data into Amazon Redshift, enabling you to provide your customers near real-time access to metrics, insights, and dashboards. For example, Hello Inc., a consumer devices company, collects and processes real-time data from embedded sensors in mattresses with Amazon Kinesis Streams, and uses Amazon Kinesis Firehose to load the processed information into Amazon Redshift. Hello’s customers can monitor their sleep patterns, conditions that influence sleep like room temperature and humidity, and benchmark averages, enabling them to sleep better. Read the case study »


"With Firehose and Redshift, going from raw, streaming data to advanced, real-time insights was just a matter of a few clicks."

- Tim Bart, CTO, Hello Inc.

You can ingest different types of data records from audience tracking systems, Ad Exchange listeners/bidders, and Ad servers, and multiplex them into the same stream. You can then perform data transformations and analytics either in micro-batches with Spark Streaming or on an event-by-event basis with AWS Lambda. Using Amazon Kinesis Firehose, you can deliver the transformed, enriched, summarized data to other analytics and storage services including Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. Try Sample Project »


You can use Amazon Kinesis Firehose to enable delivery of real-time metrics on digital content, enabling authors and marketers to connect with their customers in the most effective way. You can stream billions of small messages that are compressed, encrypted, and delivered to Amazon Redshift. Once in Amazon Redshift, you can aggregate, filter, and process the data, and refresh content performance dashboards in near real-time. For example, Hearst Corporation built a clickstream analytics platform using Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, and Amazon Redshift to transmit and process 30 terabytes of data a day from 300+ Hearst websites worldwide. With this platform, Hearst is able to make the entire data stream—from website clicks to aggregated data—available to editors in minutes. Read the case study »


"I don't know how we could have made our clickstream data pipeline work without Amazon Kinesis. It would have involved many weeks of engineering. Kinesis Streams and Firehose make the entire process extremely simple and reliable."

- Peter Jaffe, Data Scientist, Hearst Corporation


In this post we use Twitter public streams to analyze the candidates’ performance, both Republican and Democrat, in a near real-time fashion. We show you how to integrate Amazon Kinesis Firehose, AWS Lambda (Python function), and Amazon Elasticsearch Service to create an end-to-end, near real-time discovery platform.

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This blog post walks you through a simple and effective way to persist data to Amazon S3 from Amazon Kinesis Streams using AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis Firehose.

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It's easy to get started with Amazon Kinesis Firehose. Just sign up for an AWS account, or if you already have one, sign in to the Amazon Kinesis Firehose Console.


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