April 27, 2023 (Thur)  |  2:00pm – 8:30pm 
Innocentre, Kowloon Tong 

Get hands-on with latest cloud tools & stacks
Network with fellow developers and builders
Get 1:1 guidance from AWS experts
Annual Conference for Developers and Builders – Build it your way! 
Designed for builders and developers, this exciting free event will deliver opportunities for you to dive deep into advanced cloud computing topics such as Serverless, Containers, DevOps and Machine Learning.  Our agenda of presentations and hands-on workshop by our AWS experts will demonstrate best practices in building modern applications for performance efficiency and optimization. Get equipped with cloud tools, stacks and real code and demos to accelerate your cloud journey today.

Check out the featured workshops at AWS Dev Day Hong Kong
Hands-on Workshop | 3:15PM - 5:45PM | Cantonese
Groupless Autoscaling with Karpenter on Amazon EKS
We will learn how using Karpenter can improve application availability, lower compute cost and minimize operational overhead.
RSVPs are now closed due to full capacity.
Training | 6:15PM - 8:15PM | Cantonese
Get Cert Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Developer - Associate
Free training to get you prepared for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam which highlights your ability to write applications with AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs, use containers, and deploy with a CI/CD pipeline.
Exclusive offer:
50% off exam voucher is available for attendees! Register now.
RSVPs are now closed due to full capacity.
 April 27 (Thursday) | 2:00PM - 5:45PM
30 minutes Welcoming remarks - Transforming the Future of Development: Exploring the Synergy of Serverless and AI

Yubo Wang, Head of Developer Relations, GCR, AWS

Betty Zheng, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS
30 minutes Panel Discussion- Level Up Your Career: A Developer's Guide to Upskilling in the Fast-Paced Tech Industry

Moderator: King Lai, Solutions Architect, AWS

Sharing from AWS Community Builders:
Anthony Lai, Gabriel Koo, Reynold Nathaniel, Richard Fan
10 minutes Break  
  Builder Track Practice Track  
35 minutes

Digital user engagement with intelligent recommendation feat. Amazon Personalize & Amazon Pinpoint with demo

Yanwei CUI, Machine Learning Specialist, AWS, 

Shawn ZHANG, Cloud Native Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Language: English

Level: 200

Foster a culture of innovation across your organization using Domain-Driven Design

Jacky Kwok, Solutions Architect, AWS

Language: Cantonese

Level: 200

AWS Hands-on Workshop - Groupless Autoscaling with Karpenter on Amazon EKS

-RSVP needed-

Alick Wong, Solutions Architect, AWS

Shawn Zhang, Cloud Native Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Language: Cantonese

Level: 400

35 minutes

Building location powered apps with Amazon Location Service

Clifford Duke, AWS Solutions Architect

Steven Kwok, Technical Advisor, Ark Space Limited

Language: English

Level: 300

Mastering the Art of Twelve-Factor Apps for Containers on AWS

Benson Kwong, Solutions Architect, AWS

Language: English

Level: 300

20 minutes Tea Break
35 minutes

Beyond dynamic application security scanning and penetration test

Andy Wong, DevOps Consultant, AWS

Boris So, Senior SRC Consultant, AWS

Mario Li, Solutions Architect, AWS

Language: Cantonese

Level: 300

Improving resiliency using chaos engineering

Kelvin Chan, Cloud Application Architect, AWS

Language: English

Level: 300

35 minutes

Dive deep into AIGC & LLMs Optimization on AWS

Haowen Huang, Senior Developer Advocate, GCR, AWS

Language: English

Level: 300

Top 5 strategies for cost-driven architectures

Louisa Liu, Solutions Architect, AWS

Language: English

Level: 300

135 minutes Developer Community Meetup and Networking


·Wifi Hacking Techniques on Drones (Live Demo)
- Boris So & Anthony Lai

·Build and host your Serverless AI-integrated Slack Q&A chatbot on AWS
- Gabriel Koo, AWS Community Builder

·Managing Advanced, Scalable, Resilient, and Cost-Effective Blockchain Infrastructure on Kubernetes
- Aaron Baideme, Head of Platform & Infrastructure, HexTrust

Meetup with Startup Founders

Join us for an evening of networking, relaxation, and fun at our Startup Drinks Time event during Dev Day! This event is specifically designed for startup founders to come together and mingle with like-minded individuals in the industry.

-RSVP Needed-

Get Cert Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Developer - Associate

Raymond Tsang, Senior Technical Trainer, AWS

-RSVP Needed-

Note: event agenda is subject to change

Why Attend

Why attend
 Gain advanced cloud computing knowledge from AWS experts and learn best practices for building modern applications.
 Connect with like-minded developers and builders, expand your network, and enhance your skills in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Who Should Attend

Who should attend
 Development teams, Developers, Solution Architects, Engineers, System Administrators and Builders who are excited to design and deploy scalable, secure and resilient architectures in the cloud.
 The event assumes attendees have basic familiarity in application development and Level 100 knowledge in using AWS services.

Event Highlights

Technical deepdive

Dive into the nitty-gritty of advanced cloud computing topics with our expert-led sessions. Get ready to level up!

Hands-on workshop

Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience with the latest cloud tools and stacks. Learn by doing!

Coding and live demo

Watch and learn as our experts code live and demonstrate the latest techniques for building modern applications.

Community meetup

Meet and connect with fellow developers and builders from across Hong Kong. Build your network and share ideas!


Get one-on-one advice and guidance from our AWS experts. Bring your toughest questions and get ready to learn!

Featured Speakers

Alick Wong
Solutions Architect, AWS

Anthony Lai
Director, VX research limited (AWS Community Builder)

Benson Kwong
Solutions Architect, AWS  

Betty Zheng
Senior Developer Advocate, GCR, AWS

Boris So
Senior SRC Consultant, AWS

Clifford Duke
Startup Solutions Architect, AWS

Gabriel Koo
AWS Community Builder

Haowen Huang
Senior Developer Advocate, GCR, AWS

Jacky Kwok
Solutions Architect, AWS

Kelvin Chan
Cloud Application Architect, AWS

King Lai
Solutions Architect, AWS

Louisa Liu
Solutions Architect, AWS

Reynold Nathaniel
Cloud Solutions Architect (AWS Community Builder)

Richard Fan
AWS Community Builder

Shawn Zhang
Cloud Native Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Steven Kwok
Founder, Ark Space Limited

Yanwei Cui
Machine Learning Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Yubo Wang
Head of Developer relations, GCR, AWS


Working as a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services Hong Kong, Benson is passionate about helping customers build infrastructures and applications in cloud at scale. Benson joined AWS in March of 2019, bringing in solid experiences in Security, Business Intelligence and Mobile Device Management. Prior to AWS, Benson was a Regional System Engineer who assists some of the largest accounts across Internet and Finance industries in APAC to architect and deploy mobile device management solutions.


Clifford Duke joined Amazon Web Services as a Solutions Architect in February 2019. Coming from a software development background, he is passionate about helping customers build secure, reliable and scalable solutions for the modern cloud. Prior to AWS, Clifford worked at a media company leading a team of developers to modernize legacy systems and to build out their big data architecture.


Haowen Huang is a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in Canton, China. Haowen has over 20 years experience in telecom, Internet and cloud computing industries, including 12 years of entrepreneurial experience in the Internet industry. He’s focused on the promotion and application of AI and machine learning. Besides AI/ML, Haowen is passionate about helping developers leverage big data in the context of AI and Machine Learning. Previously, Haowen worked as a technical evangelist and solutions architect at Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and China Telecom where he worked with many companies to build enterprise digital transformation solutions.


Yanwei Cui, PhD is the Machine Learning Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS. He started machine learning research at IRISA (Research Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems), and has several years of experience building artificial intelligence powered industrial applications in computer vision, natural language processing and online user behavior prediction. At AWS, he shares the domain expertise and helps customers to unlock business potentials, and to drive actionable outcomes with machine learning at scale. Outside of work, he enjoys reading and traveling.


Yubo Wang is committed to evangelizing the new generation of information technology and innovation among developers, and building leading community and ecosystem for developers. With AWS since late 2015, He worked as a senior product manager for 4 years, by leading business and market development for AWS’ cutting-edge services in Greater China. He is a 20-year veteran of the IT industry with the experience and practice in different roles of development, product, technology, and management. He also has several years of research experience in computer vision, pattern recognition and other fields.


Shawn is a Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS Hong Kong. He focus on Cloud Native technologies including containers and serverless. He is passionate about Kubernetes and helping customers building container solutions on Amazon EKS. Before join AWS, he worked on DevOps and cloud platform engineering for unicorn companies in Hong Kong.


Gabriel Koo, being an AWS Community Builder from 2022, is a Lead Engineer in Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited, who governs DevOps, Automation and Cybersecurity, while also having prior experience in various sectors in the insurance industry such as actuarial consulting, data science and software development.


Betty Zheng, AWS senior developer advocate, focuses on cloud native and cloud security technologies. 20 years of ICT industry and digital transformation practice. 18 years of experience as an architect, providing data center construction, software-defined data center and other solutions consulting and technical implementation services for financial, education, manufacturing and Fortune 500 enterprise customers.


Anthony Cheuk Tung Lai works at VX Research Limited on malware investigation, incident response, and offensive security testing. He began hacking after playing Chroot wargame and Beist CTF, reading 2600, and China hacker magazines. He has spent the last 20 years working in the risk and security areas of MNCs in the financial industry.

Anthony is a hobbyist bug hunter and creator of CTF challenges who hacks for fun and belief. In addition to VXCON, which he founded and chairs, he also spoke at Black Hat, DEFCON, Secuinside, AVTokyo, Hack In the Box, HITCON, and DFRWS.
He earned his doctorate from HKUST, where he also worked in the cybersecurity lab and focused on malware and vulnerability research. His credentials additionally include SANS GREM (Gold), GXPN, GCIH, and Offsec OSEE.

For the community, he is now serving reviewer in Blackhat Asia, Hack In The Box, IEEE Syscon and chapter leader of OWASP Hong Kong Chapter.


Richard Fan is a Security Engineer at ExpressVPN. Having worked in different companies helping them manage the AWS environments for years, he has gained expertise in various AWS services, including security, serverless, and data platform.

Richard is also an AWS Community Builder, contributing his expertise through blog posts, open-source projects, and speaking in conferences, webinars, and podcasts.


Boris is a software security specialist specializing in software design and architecture, threat modeling, secure programming and static code analysis, penetration and simulation test, code obfuscation, steganography, as well as rootkit research. Currently Boris is working in a major cloud service provider, where he joined from one of the world’s leading US financial services institutes. He is also the OWASP HK chapter lead, and he holds 2 US patents, 2 bachelor degrees in computing and surveying, and 2 master degrees in computer forensics and applied psychology. Boris is an enthusiast in aviation and he holds a private pilot license. During his free time, he is probably spending his time flying while not hacking.


Cindy joined Gobi as a Senior Investment Director in 2020. Prior to joining Gobi, Cindy held positions in the investment banking division of Guggenheim Securities in New York. Cindy received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada.


Kelvin Chan is a Cloud Application Architect with AWS Professional Services in Hong Kong. His main role is to accelerate customer achievements of their business outcomes by cloud adoption. He has 10+ years of hands-on experiences in technical lead and software development. He engages customers in different domains including application modernization, migrations, security, DevOps, and cloud infrastructure. Besides cloud technology, Kelvin is familiar with Kubernetes, Linux, networking, video streaming and embedded system.


Steven Kwok is a technology entrepreneur and founder of Ark Space Limited, a company that provides cloud-based solutions for businesses. With years of experience as a developer, he has a deep understanding of software development and cloud computing. In addition, Steven is an AWS (Amazon Web Services) training instructor, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others in the industry. He is passionate about leveraging technology to help businesses grow and achieve their goals.


King Lai is a Solutions Architect at AWS, skilled and experienced in MarTech, AdTech, with a successful track record in software engineering and project management. With more than 10 years of industry experience, he has developed extensive skills in areas such as data analysis, technical architecture, and business strategic planning. In his free time, King enjoys brainstorming startup ideas, IoT, and playing the piano.


Reynold Nathaniel is a passionate and experienced cloud solutions architect with a particular focus on serverless and contact center technology. With over a 2+ years of experience in the Cloud industry in MegazoneCloud, Reynold has developed a keen understanding of how to leverage the latest cloud technologies to deliver scalable and reliable solutions to his clients.


Jason Chan is the Co-Founder & CEO at Areix Analytics Limited with a profound belief in democratizing intelligence for good. He has developed his professionalism in Digital Assets and FinTech, and is a qualified SAS® Certified Data Scientist and a US patent owner in P2P network authentication. Before founding AREIX, Jason worked in Binance and SAS Institute, covering the building of analytics-driven solutions for the financial services industry, digital banking and risk management.  


Carla is the CEO and Co-Founder of CHOMP, Hong Kong’s food saving app which aims to change the way people feel about food consumption. The platform connects F&B businesses (like restaurants, cafes, bakeries and more) to customers who can purchase a discounted Mystery Box of unsold food items directly from them. Launched in 2021, Carla hopes to reduce how much perfectly edible food gets thrown into Hong Kong’s landfills. Before founding CHOMP, Carla worked in various F&B roles from banqueting to restaurants to the kitchen and has a Hospitality degree from Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. CHOMP currently works with over 95 F&B partners across Hong Kong and has been featured in SCMP, NowTV, Ming Pao and earth.org to name a few.


Alick is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He specializes in helping startups and digital native customers accelerate their cloud-native adoption journey by modernizing their platform infrastructure, teaching Microservices Strategy, Containerization, and DevOps best practices. Prior to joining AWS, he spent over 8 years in game industry.

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