Innovate with Machine Learning in Hong Kong

Machine learning can help businesses in Hong Kong enhance customer experiences, boost employee productivity, cut costs, and reduce fraud. However, figuring out where to begin with applying machine learning can be challenging. One solution is to implement practical, proven machine learning use cases, which can quickly deliver real business impact and remove the initial barriers to adoption.

Common Use Cases

Consider starting with one of the following use cases, or contact us to get started!


Streamline self-service processes with Conversational AI

Enable omnichannel, 365/24/7 communication with your customers in engaging ways through chatbots, voice assistants, and interactive information kiosks. Increase user satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and streamline business processes.

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Identify fraudulent online activities

Improve profitability by automating the detection of potentially fraudulent online activity, such as payment fraud and fake accounts, using machine learning and your own unique data

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Personalize customer recommendations

Improve customer engagement and conversion by creating personalized web experiences—tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors across channels—through recommendations, curated content, and targeted marketing promotions.

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  • Six steps to machine learning success

    While ML has been around for decades, its accessibility as a tool to transform businesses isrelatively new. This eBook outlines a proven path — from the first step to measuring results — with insights from Amazon ML best practices and its experience helping thousands of customers realize their own initiatives.

    Accelerate business growth with machine learning

    This eBook features success stories from AWS customers—small and medium-sized companies—that have achieved transformative results across one or more of these categories with the help of accessible ML tools.

    Achieving transformative business results with machine learning

    AWS helps organizations across industries successfully leverage ML across three categories of critical business objectives: improving the customer experience, optimizing business operations, and accelerating innovation. This eBook features success stories from AWS customers that have achieved transformative results across these three categories using powerful ML capabilities.

    Democratized, operationalized, responsible: the 3 keys to successful AI and ML outcomes

    Whether you are expanding your existing AI and ML initiatives or just getting started, a clear reference guide can help you develop your strategy and help ensure successful outcomes. This eBook outlines the three strategic pillars to success and provides practical recommendations that you can apply to your organization.

Hong Kong Customers using AWS ML Solutions


With ML tools on AWS, we can prototype ideas quickly and reduce our time-to-market by relying on managed services instead of developing in-house solutions.”

Samy Basset
Machine Learning Engineer, Lalamove

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Armitage Technologies
Armitage Technologies

The public organization could easily comply with COVID-19 regulations around the number of people in one location because of the accuracy of our computer vision solution on AWS Panorama.”

Norman Lam
Head of Innovation, Armitage Technologies Ltd.

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reduction in data labeling costs using Amazon SageMaker

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