Enhance customer experience with personalization

Harness the power of generative AI for deeper audience insights, dynamic content, and personalized interactions

How generative AI is transforming customer experience

By understanding nuances of individual preferences and context, generative AI can dynamically create personalized content like messaging, images, videos, and digital experiences. This level of personalization heightens customer engagement, optimizes marketing campaigns, and boosts revenue across the entire customer lifecycle.

Amazon Personalize is a service that leverages user data to personalize communications and offerings. Augmenting it with Amazon Bedrock's generative AI foundation models (FMs) empowers organizations to create targeted recommendations and remarkably sophisticated search experiences. It can be used to detect market trends, generate recommendations in a company’s brand, and help customers find items quicker. By delivering highly personalized interactions that feel like one-on-one human relationships, businesses can surpass customer expectations and foster long-lasting brand loyalty.

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Unlock the full potential of personalization with generative AI

Analyze customer data and interactions to understand preferences and intent, enabling contextualized recommendations and storytelling to foster deeper relationships and capture attention.

String together a unified customer experience across multiple touchpoints, seamlessly adapting messaging and offers regardless of device or channel.

Access leading FMs from Amazon Bedrock that are pretrained on large data sets, or securely fine-tune them with your own proprietary data to create differentiated customer experiences.

Use cases

Identify patterns and trends that can inform marketing strategy. Save time on creating audiences and allow generative AI to identify unique segments with traits that get overlooked in existing customer data.

Intelligently re-rank item or content recommendations to drive tangible business objectives such as revenue, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, new items, and time spend on a site.

Leverage large language models (LLMs) to instantly generate products, content, promotions, and articles most aligned to an individual’s evolving tastes.

Enable conversational search that can understand contextual queries, ask clarifying questions, and provide relevant, predictive search suggestions in an intuitive back-and-forth dialogue, adapting the browsing experience to each user’s interaction.

Unlock valuable information trapped in item descriptions, reviews, or other unstructured data to increase relevancy and engagement.