Acunu Reflex with Apache Cassandra with Premium Support

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Acunu Reflex with Apache Cassandra with Premium Support

Product Overview

The Acunu Reflex is a next-generation Big Data Database combiningApache Cassandra, Acunu Control Center and the Acunu Storage Engine. The Acunu Storage Engine is at the heart of our distribution for Apache Cassandra. It comprises a rewrite of the Linux storage stack that offloads much of the storage work from Cassandra and includes advanced OS caching and buffering schemes that eliminate the need for tuning and provide high and predictable performance for a wide range of workloads. Acunu transforms Cassandra into a easy to use, enterprise-ready database system optimized for today's demanding NOSQL workloads and cloud environments. The Acunu Control Center provides simple web-based management to support common administrative tasks including cluster management and database creation together with unique features such as cluster-wide snapshot and clone. Acunu requires no changes to Cassandra applications; it's integrated, tested and hardened; and is 100% compatible with Apache Cassandra drivers and APIs including Thrift and CQL.



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Linux/Unix, CentOS 5.5

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