ClustrixDB Scale-Out SQL Database

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ClustrixDB Scale-Out SQL Database

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ClustrixDB is the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud. With ClustrixDB, you can scale transactions, run live operational reports and dashboards, and simplify your IT operations. ClustrixDB uses a combination of intelligent data distribution and distributed query processing so you can horizontally scale out your operational data store by simply adding nodes. ClustrixDB uses massively parallel query processing (MPP) allowing you to run real-time analytic queries on your primary database. Traditional database operations are greatly simplified with built in fault tolerance, online schema changes, and self-managing data distribution. With ClustrixDB, you get the full power of a SQL interface and support for most MySQL syntax and connectors. ClustrixDB has been serving large-scale production workloads worldwide since 2008. Our largest customers have datasetswith billions of rows and multiple terabytes of data in production.



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