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Zikula powered by Webuzo

Zikula powered by Webuzo

By: Softaculous Ltd. Latest Version: Zikula : 1.3.7; Webuzo : 2.2.2

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Webuzo Zikula Stack is pre-bundled with all the dependencies and requirements like Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. Zikula is a Web Application Toolkit, which allows you to run impressive websites and build powerful online applications. Zikula has received praise for many things, but we believe the highlights are ease of use, quick and easy development, security and performance and lastly flexibility. A tool kit provides you with a number of different tools to get a job done. Zikula does just that, but for websites and web applications. Depending on which distribution you choose to run, Zikula could manage your blog articles, allow comments on your site, run a forum, downloads section or link directory or even handle static content in any number of languages. For day to day work with Zikula, you won't need any technical knowledge - those of us on the team have set up websites for multi-national organizations, blogs, schools, the Scout Association and even Church groups. All of these people were able to use Zikula effectively for their needs.


Zikula : 1.3.7; Webuzo : 2.2.2


Operating System

Linux/Unix, CentOS CentOS 6.5 x86_64

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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