xDM - Intelligent Master Data Management (MDM)

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xDM - Intelligent Master Data Management (MDM)

Product Overview

Semarchy designed xDM as the world's first fully-functional Master Data Management (MDM) solution to bring material design and a truly agile business-driven solution to the enterprise. Owing to the algebraic concept that "x" can be anything, xDM is unique in its breadth of ability to master any kind of data -- customer B2B and B2C data, product data, reference data, metadata, location, organization, supplier, etc. As such, xDM is a true evolution of the Semarchy multi-vector MDM solution for integration, management, and governance of enterprise information. This approach, which is implemented in an iterative fashion, to how and who manages master data and reference data, resolves the most pressing challenge of data-driven organizations, which is to give more control to business users.



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