aiMobile Mobile Content Management & Acceleration

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aiMobile Mobile Content Management & Acceleration

Product Overview

aiMobile increases mobile site performance, unifies your domains across desktop and mobile platforms and automates delivering content that fits the capabilities of your mobile users devices.

aiMobile provides per device dynamic caching to decrease the time from click to content. We do on the fly re-write and redirection to allow you to transform the incoming URL's to arrive at the right internal resource, tagged in the manner most easily digested by your development team.
aiMobile can detect new mobile devices and in conjunction with UserAgent databases provide nearly 100% accurate identification of end user devices.
aiMobile can transform your web addresses to a unified structure across all content to users, protecting your SEO investment and making user sharing of your content seamless. We provide remote API management and real time statistics to allow you to build stable systems that alert you of issues in time to keep them from affecting users. aiScaler is easy to install and we provide free engineering support for test and development.



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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 16.04

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