"Magento + Redis + HHVM + LAMP + Webmin" package powered by SAIN3 (HVM)

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"Magento + Redis + HHVM + LAMP + Webmin" package powered by SAIN3 (HVM)

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SAIN3 provides a faster & enhanced Magento eCommerce solution, pre-configured to use Redis & HHVM. Redis optimizes the Magento cache mechanism and speeds up your Magento website. It is an advanced key-value store with full cache tag support, which is the best caching solution for large Magento stores. HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) installed in this AMI supports high performance Magento. As an accelerator, HHVM improves response times as well as the conversion rate. Specially, Sain3 provides you with the auto backup function.


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