Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Teradata Systems)

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Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Teradata Systems)

Product Overview

Advanced web-based management portal for up to 10 Teradata systems whether in the cloud or on-premises. Provides a consistent interface via configurable portlets that allow the users to customize their own systems management dashboards.

Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Teradata Systems) makes managing and monitoring multiple Teradata systems from a single location simple and easy.

The solution allows companies to provide a self-service portal to their business users, information technology managers, and database managers, enabling them to customize the portal content to suit their individual role and job function.

By providing users immediate, simple, and direct access to the information, without depending on the database administrator, they can make informed decisions about their daily work.

By using this and other Teradata AMIs, you will be tapping into the core tools needed for the foundation of your analytic success. NOTE: This AMI is intended for use with the Teradata Database, purchased separately. This AMI uses a 350 GB EBS volume for root disk and application software plus a 256 GB EBS volume for a data repository.


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Linux/Unix, Other kernel-default-3.0.101-0.149.TDC.1.R.0

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